I'm Blushing!

Flawless make-up starts with the right tools. They are integral in providing both a clean base to start and the perfect finish. Make-up application is made so much easier when you have the right brushes for the right products; you would be surprised at the difference that shape, texture and length can all make. A refined foundation, rosy blush and silky bronzer deserve a quality brush, and so do you.

Here, we unpack our all-time favourite Australian make-up brushes. 

Eco Vegan Kabuki Brush

Ere Perez

When it comes to foundation, your choice of brush will all depend on whether you use a powder or a liquid. The Ere Perez Kabuki Brush is ideal for applying powder foundations. It has a large surface area with ultra-soft bristles, meaning it clings onto the powder without dropping it all over your bathroom sink! Apply gently in a circular motion and buff away any excess product. The sturdy wooden handle makes it really user-friendly and compact, so it is a perfect on-the-go brush for any top-ups; you will be left with a naturally smooth finish and even complexion every time. 

Eco Vegan All Beauty Brush

Ere Perez

If you prefer a liquid foundation, we suggest Ere Perez All Beauty Brush; it is exceptionally absorbent so that you won't have any drips or spillages. The flat surface is specifically designed to blend for an airbrush like finish. The ergonomic handle allows you to cover your neck and decolletage, too, so you have a consistent colour and streak-free base. For highlighters, bronzers, and blushers, you need a tapered brush to get the right angles on your cheekbones, nose tip, and chin for the ultimate in contouring. The Ere Perez Blush and Bronze Brush will help you achieve your look with its defined sculpting ability; it evenly spreads any powder across the surface of your skin, creating natural layers and subtle tones. 

Eco Vegan Blush & Bronze Brush

Ere Perez

Biode’s all-natural tinted lip balms offer significant relief and aid in the process of deep repair when it comes to dry lips. Their range of vivid, fun colours provides a pop of excitement without committing you to a stain or lipstick. Using native Australian components such as red clay and ochre to create a rich shade is something we particularly love - organic is great, and local is even better! Choose from the tempting tones of Copper Daisy, Lily Pilly and Waratah or go for all three; we can’t get enough of these this winter. 

Each of the amazing Ere Perez make-up brushes are constructed with densely packed soft vegan bristles and a slick, biodegradable resin handle, making us love them even more. Looking after your brushes is key to getting the best in application and a long-lasting finish. With a few simple sanitising steps, you can hold onto your favourite brushes for years. Depending on how often you use your brushes, roughly every two weeks, gently wash your bristles with shampoo or body wash; try not to use anything with harsh chemicals to preserve the integrity of the brush. Use your fingers to softly maintain the shape of the brush and let them air dry on a flat surface overnight. By morning they will feel brand new!

Make-up is art. 
Beauty is spirit.

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