Loyal Muse: Alina Rose

"If I’m honest, my desire for clean beauty was never truly motivated by a concern of what I put on my skin."

Rather, it’s a love thing - when I look into an animal’s sweet face, connect with those doe eyes, I see a fellow soul. A best friend. My heart bursts with so much fullness that it’s inconceivable to me that someone can even be in a profession which centres on the harming of animals.
However, at 38, my eyes are wide enough to realise that in many parts of the world, cruel industries are a necessary part of survival and human livelihood - and I’m so grateful that channels like Loyal Crush give consumers the option to challenge that.

Ethical brands that centre on being chemical and cruelty-free, 100% natural and vegan send a ripple effect of change through the whole eco-system.
From the nourished land upon which the ingredients of beauty products are cultivated, to the suppliers who are rewarded more fairly and abundantly, you can’t help but feel that the cumulative effect of goodwill is transferred into your own Being.

However you anoint, imbibe or imbue with gorgeous natural brands, your cells dance that bit more vibrantly knowing that a positive step was sent into the world with each ripple and cycle.
The brands I’ve discovered through Loyal Crush have included Eunoia, their most delicious high potency rose scrub a particular favourite, that smelt heavenly and left my skin nourished and soft… Or there’s Malia Hair, where their summery and moisture-rich watermelon hair masque expertly soothed my recently sun-bleached locks.

So, if cruelty-free, eco-rich beauty can be the potent new norm, and leave you just as clean, youthful and uplifted as products with a more dubious provenance, why would we use anything else?
Loyal Crush, as a portal for all things good and fabulous, makes it SO much easier to source those yummy, guilt-free finds.

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NOURISH Green Banana Superfood 


Watermelon Hair Mask


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