Our resident Vedic Astrologer Dalia Gencher guides us through the coming planetary energies that are presenting for October. 

October report

Theme: Movement from practical to the ethereal

The heavenly bodies are moving from the practical, linear, to the romantic, ethereal and whimsical. We are moving into a period of a bit more play - but don’t shift gears overnight. Move slowly over the next month in the transition ensuring foundations are in place for the creativity to flow within a structure. 

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October see’s the fine balance between opening up space for others & collaboration, versus co-dependancy and attachment. Neediness and allowing support are two very different qualities, highlight the latter.

There is opportunity for deep transformation through relationships, in all their forms, as Venus passes through Scorpio. If you want this to be fruitful, you have to lay down your defences. Go to the heart of the matter, rather than reacting to what ever might be flaring up on the surface.

Dalia Gencher
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“Transformation isn’t sweet and bright. It’s a dark and murky, painful pushing. An unraveling of the untruths you’ve carried in your body. A practice in facing your own created demons. A complete uprooting, before becoming.”  - Victoria Erickson

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