September Vedic Astrology Reading - A Return To Intamacy

Introducing our new resident Vedic Astrologer Dalia Gencher who shares her insights on the coming energies and planetary movements from a Vedic perspective in September.



Expanding where we have previously been contracted, and drawing inward that which we once over-exposed. The Lunar nodes, the shadow planets, have returned to their home signs, of Taurus and Scorpio and are illuminating our shadow areas. This period is a time of recalibration into our experiences on intimacy. What does that mean? What does that look like?

We cannot speak of intimacy without referring to our relationships, our sharing, and moments of unity with another. But the true intimacy of this time, is to explored within self. Moving into deep exploration of our internal worlds with a degree of honesty and self-responsibility that we have in past avoided. Yielding our self where we have wished to communicate or create, and pushing ourselves beyond our sincere boundaries are ways this has been confused and masked. Yet the cosmos is now demanding truth in the way we show up, and in our actions. There is a demand for loyalty to self, and in that, the realisation, that showing up for yourself innately and completely includes showing up for the collective.

There can be a lot of talk of fear, with Saturn in the star of Sravana, a constellation sitting in Capricorn. Old fears, old self doubts, and old victim type thinking might by rearing its head with this retrograde giant. But it is giving us the opportunity to again, explore that with deep honesty. Where are these notions coming from? And what was I doing to overcompensate or mask this vulnerability? The other side of this ‘fragility’ is a deep and sincere sensitivity, which will only open us up to stronger relationships, stronger loyalty, and overall, true and deeper intimacy.


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