Seasonal Transformation with Claire

What does Transformation mean to you?

Transformation means everything to me, even just speaking the word is like magical experience, it’s the magic that can happen when change is fully embraced, it’s the powerful force that happens when one says yes to the co-creation field.  Transformation is nature’s way of rewarding energy that flows in its natural rhythm with the least resistance.

When you are approaching a seasonal change, describe your journey and experience of this journey? 

I do a really deep clean through my entire house, i change my wardrobe by packing the last seasons clothes away and bringing new clothes out.  I usually find i change the lay out of my furniture, as my house is always a living external expression of my inner world.

I love how my diet of food always wants to shift with the seasons, eating seasons fruit & veg is so amazing!

I honour the equinox & solstice days with ceremony & intentions.



Is there a moment when your perspective changes, from the spiritual, to your every day routine to how your senses perceive the change?

Yes absolutely, i am a mother of a 3 year old daughter which 3 days of the week she stays with her father, so those days are my days to run my business, when she returns for 4 days i put down the tools and go into mother/family mode mixed with creativity & spirituality always, they are just as air is for breathing my spirituality is always with me & i look at life through those eyes. 

I have purposely chosen to run a spiritual/sacred business so that i don’t need to sacrifice that in my life doing business, so that everything i create gets to be my legacy of what i leave in the world.  



Tell us about your offering / downloadable - and how you would like people to use it: 

Our guided meditations are visual narrated journeys that are only 11 minutes long, so they can be used any time without having to put 30-60 mins aside.  They are to get your mind & body curious as to how it feels to imagine the best possible outcome for your health & wellbeing, physically, emotionally & spiritually.  They are a little preview into the world of quantum manifestation. The music on all 3 was produced by my dear friend so you will never hear that music anywhere else.








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