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Glow Serum

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Licorice & Ginger Root + Vitamin B3 (30ml)

This powerful oil-free solution is designed to illuminate your skin and reveal a radiant, even complexion. Say goodbye to dark spots, pigmentation, and dullness as this serum works its magic to restore your natural glow.

Formulated with a blend of skin-loving ingredients, the Glow Serum combines the hydrating benefits of Hyaluronic Acid with the brightening properties of Licorice Root, Acetyl Glucosamine, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Acerola Cherry, and Ginger Root. This carefully curated combination targets uneven skin tone, fades dark spots, and promotes a more luminous appearance.

Licorice Root and Acetyl Glucosamine helps to diminish the appearance of hyperpigmentation, while Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) helps to strengthen the skin's barrier and improve overall texture. Acerola Cherry, rich in vitamin C, contributes to a brighter complexion, while Ginger Root provides antioxidant protection and helps to calm and soothe the skin.

With the Glow Serum as part of your skincare routine, you can expect hydrated, even-toned, and radiant skin.

PH Balanced | Pregnancy Safe | Non-Toxic | Vegan | Cruelty-Free

    Use morning and night, after cleansing apply serum to palm. Use fingers to apply all over the face. Allow to dry and follow with moisturiser.

    1.5% Hyaluronic Acid, to replenish and hold cell moisture, giving you more hydrated, plump skin. Helping reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

    5% Acetyl Glucosamine, an amino acid sugar that has skin exfoliating properties similar to AHA's but more gentle. Acetyl Glucosamine is found in the skins natural moisturising factor and has been shown to reduce hyperpigmentation, this is supercharged when paired with Niacinamide.

    4% Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), scientific studies have shown Niacinamide improves skin elasticity and reduces fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmented spots, red blotchiness, and skin sallowness (yellowing).

    Licorice Root Extract, studies have shown Licorice Root improves hyperpigmentation by inhibiting melanin and free radical production, in turn inhibiting the production of dark spots.

    Ginger Root Extract, has great skin toning and potent antioxidant properties, ginger can reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, dark spots and scars.

    Acerola Cherry Extract, is most well-known for being extremely rich in vitamin C helping to fade dark spots and brighten your complexion, Acerola Cherry is also an astringent to work with Witch Hazel Extract (alcohol free) to tone and improve skin elasticity.

    Hemp Seed Extract, to hydrate, soothe and to help regulate the skin's oil production.

    Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5), helps soothe irritation and improves moisture retention in the skin preventing trans-epidermal water loss, promoting soft, supple skin.

    Beta Glucan, is a barrier boosting, skin repairing superstar, known for its plumping capacity, plus Beta Glucan is high in antioxidants.


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