It's about us...

It's about 'us'. The choices we all make when we shop, what we allow and what we decide to stand for.

We're here to help you make powerful purchasing decisions of your own. Why not? You want to look beautiful. You love your routines and they're a place of sanctuary, a place to stop and care for yourself. You want to shop knowing that you're supporting positive products, products that care about what they do and how they're contributing to the environment and their users health.

We care about that too

Loyal Crush is dedicated to bringing stellar beauty products to our customers that are always cruelty free. Our range of beauty brands are selected based on how incredible they feel on your skin and the ingredients made making them. We love to find beauty brands who are passionate about sustainable packaging, vegan alternatives and environmentally friendly production methods.

Zoe began this business after purchasing online, researching the products and finding that they were often tested on animals or contained some highly suspicious ingredients. Deciding it just wasn't good enough to be offering these kinds of products to other beautiful humans, Loyal Crush was born!

Let's be kind to our planet and its inhabitants together.


Cruelty free means the world to us.