Indie Rose Skincare Aurelia Face & Body Oil
Aurelia Face & Body Oil
Indie Rose Skincare Aurelia Face & Body Oil
Indie Rose Skincare Aurelia Face & Body Oil with 24k gold leaf

Aurelia Face & Body Oil

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With Frankincense & Camellia Oil (100ml)

Aurelia Face & Body Oil is a combination of enlivening oils that includes Frankincense and refined Camellia Oil with the added touch of luxury 24k gold leaf.

Used as an antioxidant this oil can help boost immunity and calm the nervous system. It can also balance the mind, enhance your mood and help relieve tension.

A deliciously smooth oil to apply, Aurelia Face & Body Oil leaves behind a subtle, uplifting fragrance.

Delivered in a linen pouch which includes an affirmation 'My body is a temple of golden light'. Consider this affirmation and allow it to be absorbed with the oil application as part of your daily body ritual.


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        Shake the bottle well before use. Apply AURELIA oil onto your face and body while embodying your affirmation. 


        Organic Frankincense Oil, Organic Refined Camellia Oil, 24k gold Leaf.

        Loyal Crush

        Is completely cruelty free

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