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Carb Free Deodorant (60g)

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Free From Harmful Bicarbonates & Aluminium Salts (60g) 

A carb-free, natural deodorant that has been formulated with a blend of ‘fresh’ essential oils, that are unique to Biode. Called 'Into the Earth' these gentle blends neutralise odour for all day protection.

The easy to use push-up tube allows you to apply this paste deodorant with no mess and no fuss. This deodorant is completely invisible and will not mark clothes. 

Push up balm, apply to underarms, best to wait about 5 minutes before you get dressed, and then embark on your day.

100% Natural - Shea Butter*, Tapioca Powder, Magnesium Hydroxide, Coconut Oil*, Kaolin Clay, Candelilla Wax, Apple Cider Vinegar, Wild Orange, Australian Lavender, Petitgrain, Rosewood, Juniper Berry, Ylang Ylang, Spearmint, Cardamom

[*Certified Organic Ingredients]


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