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The Bliss Meditation by Claire

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Bliss Meditation

Though the title of our BLISS meditation gives good insight as to its intentions, it strives to take you beyond traditional feelings of happiness and material joy.

There are endless types and degrees of happiness. Let us narrate your path towards one of them, DIVINE BLISS. The ancients described divine bliss as ‘that peace which passeth all understanding.’ Divine bliss is said to be Avinashi, or eternal, infinite, and unchanging, and cannot be destroyed once self-realization has been attained. Divine bliss is attained when one becomes completely detached from the body and material possessions - where there is no fear or greed and where there is an absence of desire.

Our bliss meditation takes you beyond the superficial layers of the body and mind to a place where the mind is no longer and where intellect merges with universal cosmic consciousness. It activates the energy of divine bliss and brings a natural euphoria to your entire being through the use of spoken word, mantra, and sound produced uniquely for us, and now for you.

This meditation is best practiced either while laying down or sitting up comfortably, or during yoga, dance, or movement practice. This activation is about creating a space for your body to fully relax & to receive, whilst becoming a vibrant organism inside & out.

BLISS is an 11 minute meditation. You will receive an mp3 file, via our website & email, upon confirmation of your purchase.


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