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Palo Santo Incense Sticks

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For Healing, Clarification & Creating Space

Combining all of natures finest, including fruits, roots, stems, branches, flowers and leaves, these thoughtfully created incense sticks use Ayurvedic principles to leave you feeling light and centred.

Ground yourself in Palo Santo releasing its tranquility into the atmosphere, inviting clarity and assurance of self as nervous tensions dissipate.

Palo Santo is your answer to good vibes. Grown in South America and translating as 'holy wood, Palo Santo is an ideal energy cleanser.

Includes 9 incense sticks. Approx 11.5cm high.

Use to create a sacred space. Light with care, all day, every day.

Pure Palo Santo wood from branches that naturally fall off the tree + Acacia Gum & Macco for binding.


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