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Passion Elixir Powder

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For Warmth, Adoration, Harmony (75g)

Indulge in a sensual awakening as the passionate embrace of nature ignites and harmonises body and mind. Formerly known as 'Lovers'.

Includes passionflower (which is full of essential fatty acids plus vitamins A & C) and ashwagandha (which aids in the production of natural skin oils).

For all the lovers other ingredients include Mucuna (known for its aphrodisiac powers); maca (boost stamina and sex drive); and shatavari (said to strengthen female fertility and assist with collagen breakdown).

Sprinkle 1/2 teaspoon to any cup of hot or cold liquid. Delicious with warm organic milk of your choice, blended into your daily smoothie or sprinkled through your favourite recipe.



1/2 tsp lovers elixir powder, 2 tsp cacao powder, 1 tsp maca, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 2 tsp coconut blossom nectar, pinch cayenne, pinch sea salt, 200ml cashew mylk

BLEND all ingredients. Gently warm on stove top. SIP to open your heart and kindle your passion.

maca, ashwagandha, tribulus, damiana, shatavari, horny goat weed


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