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The Radiant Meditation by Claire

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Radiant Meditation

Every force, feeling, action, thought, and state of being in this world has an opposite. For every positive there is a negative. Opposing forces dominate our lives, give the other more meaning and value, and are used to balance, and to cancel, the other one out. For hate there is love, for destruction there is creation, for every wrong action there is one that is right. Opposing forces surround us. They are the push and pull, the make and break, the teeter tottering of all things in existence. Like creates like, opposites decrease each other in proportion, and when opposing forces combine, in just the right way and in just the right proportions, we fall witness to something beautiful, something complete, something so pure and that we can’t help but wonder why it has to be any other way.

From a human spirituality standpoint call this divinity - the very best proportions of all aspects of who and what we are and who we are capable of being that work together to form the optimal state of being from which greatness, good health, higher consciousness, and transcendence are manifested.

Walk with us through our RADIANT meditation where we explore this optimal state of being to bring us into alignment and to radiate the energy of DIVINE HEALTH within our beings. Allow this meditation to bring healing and balance to your entire body. Allow it to feed your energy body with high vibrational frequencies as we explore the divine through the use of spoken word, mantra, and music produced uniquely for us, and now for you.

This meditation is best practiced either while laying down or sitting up comfortably, or during yoga, dance, or movement practice. This activation is about creating a space for your body to fully relax & to receive, whilst becoming a vibrant organism inside & out.

RADIANT is an 11 minute meditation. You will receive an mp3 file, via our website & email, upon confirmation of your purchase.


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