Orchard St Rituals Temple Blend Incense Sticks
Orchard St Temple Blend Incense Sticks

Temple Blend Incense Sticks

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To Unite, Awake & Elevate

Combining all of natures finest, including fruits, roots, stems, branches, flowers and leaves, these thoughtfully created incense sticks use Ayurvedic principles to leave you feeling light and centred.

The Temple Incense Sticks are a sacred meditative blend of Himalayan Cedar, White Sage and Frankincense Resin.

Himalayan Cedar has been used for healing, purification and spiritual protection. White Sage has been used throughout history by native Americans as a way of clearing out negative energy. Frankincense offers an aroma that provides feelings of peace, relaxation and connectedness.

Includes 9 incense sticks. Approx 11.5cm high.


100% Plant BasedSustainably Made 


Use to create a sacred space. Light with care, all day, every day.


Himalayan Cedar; White Sage; Frankincense Resin

Loyal Crush

Is completely cruelty free

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