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A sexy halloween makeup tutorial.

EYES Create a smoky eye using black eyeliner on your upper lid. Apply to approx two thirds of the lid.

BLEND Use a blending brush to create a smooth, even finish.

Extend the eyeliner beneath your lower lash line and apply to the lower waterline.

GLITTER To apply the glitter, use the Aloe Gel base from A Beautiful Weirdo. Use your blend brush to apply over the lid.

Add some glitter to your blend brush and dab on to the upper lid as well as a small amount along the lower lash line.

LIPS Use an angled lip liner brush to apply a moody red lipstick to your lips. 

FINAL TOUCHES Finish off the look with RCMA blush for a rosy flush.


Products Used:

Flavedo & Albedo Black Stripe Eyeliner

A Beautiful Weirdo Aloe Vera Application Gel

A Beautiful Weirdo Glitter - Oil Slick

Suzy Lipstick Miss Kitty Black Plum

Eco Vegan Smudge & Shade Brush

Eco Vegan Line & Blend Brush

RCMA 5 Part Series Cream Blush Palette


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