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We love animals, pretty things, good packaging - especially when it's sustainable. We love bringing beauty, health and wellness to a wider audience. We hope to promote happiness through self care.


The Loyal Crush community is dedicated to solving questions such as: Are my products cruelty free? Can I trust this brand? Is the brand committed to sustainability practices, organic or non-toxic ingredients? Zoe and her team have curated the best beauty brands in Australia and internationally to ensure that what you’re using on your hair, skin and body measures up to that ethics test. Brands include names such as Orchard St, Superfeast, Ere Perez and US brands Axiology, Province Apothecary and with more launching soon.“If enough of us ask these questions, this can create momentum to get big brands thinking how they can do better - and shift environmental outcomes for the planet,” Zoe explains.


At Loyal Crush, we understand the desire to live a simpler life by creating meaning in everything we do. Every purchase we make that supports cruelty free skincare or natural and organic beauty brands is our way of voting for the future we believe in - creating a culture where no products are ever tested on animals and non-toxic, natural and organic products are the norm.

Through our curated e-store and thriving wellness community, we are determined to empower our users to take action for the planet, making powerful purchasing decisions at the click of a finger. Ethical players in the international beauty space are finally made accessible to Australian buyers, with both homegrown and global brands that include Bear Ltd, SuperFeast, Orchard Street, Eunoia, Malia Hair and Ere Perez in the offering. Sustainability is at the forefront of our criteria, seeking brands who present sustainable packaging, offer vegan alternatives and seek environmentally conscious production. Every purchase made on the Loyal Crush website $1 is also donated to i=Change - working with selected not-for-profits Seabin Foundation (oceans) Greening Australia (environment) or Her Future (female empowerment)There is also a platform to connect wellness experts to anyone in search of a more natural, ethical and holistic lifestyle. “The hunt for a more ethical beauty solution shouldn’t compromise on quality — we wanted to offer a platform in which you could shop with ease, knowing that every part of the offering are cruelty-free, eco-friendly and supported positive change in the beauty industry” says Zoe Gordon, Founder and Director of Loyal Crush.

We understand the desire to live a better life by adding meaning to everything we do.

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