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Discover a space to connect with our community of wellness professionals, who are devoted to the path of education, inspiration and lifting health naturally. Learn more about the people behind the practices and join the Loyal Crush self-care journey.

Journalling With

Honey Bachan

Honey Bachan is a transformative coach empowering individuals to unlock their full potential and achieve personal growth.

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Breathing With

Georgia Rhodes

A health and wellness journey with years of practice, led Georgia to discover and learn many modalities in the sector, including breath work.

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Holly Nash

Completing a Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics at Griffith University has helped Holly fulfil her passion for promoting healthy, nutritious and tasty food.

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Mindset With Paige Harris

Paige is a mindset and movement specialist with a focus on teaching people how to regulate their nervous system during times of stress.

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Patsy Bennett

Psychic medium and astrologer Patsy Bennett provides monthly astrological insights that can be accessed through our 'Wellness' menu.

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Meditation With

Chibs Okereke

Chibs Okereke is a renowned meditation teacher on Insight Timer, inspiring and guiding others towards inner peace and mindfulness.

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Yoga With

Jenna Brown

Combining her love of yoga with a passion for helping others overcome life's turbulences, Jenna prides herself on being a realist in the wellness industry.

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Skincare With

James Vivian

James shares tips and tricks from his many years as a skin care therapist with us so we can all get the best advice from an industry expert.

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Sound Bowl Artist

Emma Casy

Sound vibration teacher Emma, creates beautiful videos to help balance and align chakras, energy centres, and promote emotional and spiritual well-being.

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Women's Empowerment With Teddi Emerald

Teddi offers a number of techniques in her process to change the beliefs, stories and patterns that are keeping women stuck.

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Empowerment Coach Alina Rose

Empowering women around the science and art of sensuality, love and personal power. Alina has a fun journalling course accessed through our 'Wellness' menu.

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Find Your Favourite

Discover the online course that brings you happiness and knowledge on a range of topics. From meditation to finding your inner muse, enjoy a learning experience with your favourite teachers.