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Vibrant beauty colours create a natural, fresh faced look or build with our high pigment makeup colours for full coverage and dramatic effect.


Create a daily routine with a range of skincare options that include natural elixirs for soft, lustrous skin backed by plant power.


Visit our retreat centre for online courses from breathing techniques to creative journalling. We believe a healthy lifestyle is created through daily self care practices.

always cruelty free

Master Your Makeup

From light and natural to high pigment full coverage.


Rainbow Bar

Rainbow Bar is evocative of the 1980s glamrock era in LA and the music scene and lifestyle of the US West Coast during the 1960s and 1970s. Elements like the sun, the blue skies and warm glow that embrace LA.

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Find Your Inner Muse In Our Wellness Centre
Retreat Centre

Find Your Inspiration

Our teachers have created special classes for you to enjoy that enhance and expand your mind while learning self-care habits that can be utilised as part of an ongoing health care plan. Embrace change, wellness and compassion for your life journey as you participate in one of our online courses.

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