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Over those dark circles under your eyes? We have a secret technique to help cover those up. Introducing the Ombre Corrective Concealer: A flawless, non-grey concealer look that enhances your cheek contouring with a speedy technique. ⁠

:heavy_heart_exclamation_mark_ornament:Start by applying the lightest concealer precisely where the darkest shadows appear.⁠

:heavy_heart_exclamation_mark_ornament:Overlay it gently with a slightly darker concealer, employing a striped line technique.⁠

:heavy_heart_exclamation_mark_ornament:Finish off at the outer edges with a cream blush to create a lifting illusion.⁠

:heavy_heart_exclamation_mark_ornament:Blend seamlessly using a combination of a sponge and a brush for a flawless finish.⁠

Products Used:

Eye Of Horus: Triple C Concealer Tan Dune 

Eye Of Horus: Triple C Concealer Medium Sand

RCMA: 5 Part Series Cream Blush Palette


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