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Creating an effortless smoky eye

EYELINER Begin by drawing a precise line along your upper lash line with your eyeliner. Extend the line out and fill in the entire lid area to the 'middle' section.

Grab a flat brush and gently blend the eyeliner to soften & diffuse the colour.

Bring the eyeliner underneath your lower lash and water line, using soft gentle movements to apply. Blend with your flat brush.

MASCARA Apply a generous amount of mascara to accentuate the smoky eye effect.

EYES Lengthen and define lashes with Eye Of Horus Goddess Mascara. Define and set your brows with Eye Of Horus Dual Brow Perfect.

LIPS Use your RCMA blush palette again for lips, applying with a lip brush.

FINAL TOUCHES Finish off the look with RCMA translucent setting powder. 


Products Used:

Flavedo & Alvedo Bright Stripe Eyeliner - Black

Eye Of Horus Goddess Mascara - Black

Ere Perez Eco Vegan Smudge & Shade Brush

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