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About Erin Lovell Verinder

Nutritionist, herbalist, energetic healer, author, mentor, Wonder Woman, Erin Lovell Verinder has so much to give. Her unwavering bond with the natural world gives her a unique source of knowledge and insight into health as a whole, which she utilises to help and guide others to feel their best. Incorporating a hybrid of herbal medicine, nutrition and considered lifestyle changes allows her clients to reach their goals and heal by finding their body's natural rhythm and balance as well as being in sync with their surroundings.

With over twenty years of experience studying and practising naturopathic and holistic medicine, her impact in the field is great on so many. Erin is driven by the passion for making a positive change when treating a variety of diagnoses; she works to empower her clients individually and give them the tools to maintain long-term wellness.

Her approach is all about connection. Finding the links between our emotional and physical state, therefore, understanding their considerable impact on each other. This allows her to recognise symptoms and really get to the root cause of what a patient is experiencing. She works with a diverse range of conditions, from autoimmune disorders and depression to fatigue and even tropical parasites, and with everyone, she shares her kind and compassionate focus.

The methodology of naturopathic medicine is to see a patient as a whole. It views the body as one organism that works in conjunction with all the different systems, pathways and moving parts that make everybody unique.

Erin believes that treatment is personal; what may work for one may not for another, we all thrive under different conditions, and that is beautiful. A significant part of her treatment is using food and plants as medicine, nurturing our bodies with natural vitamins and fibres, particularly when treating the gut and digestion.

Erin forges the way to create a happy relationship with food, enabling her clients to eat and live intuitively, learning to listen to our bodies and their ever-changing needs.

Whether you are dealing with a crisis or chronic illness, are curious to see how you can optimise your current health or want to venture further into the realm of holistic healing, Erin is for you. She has a digital clinic, meaning you can consult with her over the phone or via video call; her open-door policy is genuine, so no matter where you are worldwide, she is there with unconditional support. She has a plethora of loving testimonials of transformative journeys from her life-altering work. Erin also offers a condensed mentorship programme for those interested in her field professionally; sharing her ample knowledge is what it is all about for her, allowing anyone and everyone to embrace wellness. We love her gentle methods and nurturing attitude towards health and healing. Erin has the ability to make you feel hope and comfort, even around distressing topics or processes that naturally occur with the practice of overcoming and learning self-love.

She has written two incredible books, Plants For the People and The Plant Clinic are modern guides to discovering vitality through the power of herbs and their energising properties. Find out more about Erin Lovell Verinder and her revolutionary career through her website, or line up an in-person consult with her next time you are in Byron!

Erin forges the way to create a happy relationship with food, enabling her clients