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Resident Astrologist Patsy Bennett

Psychic medium and astrologer Patsy Bennett uses her 25+ years of expertise to offer horoscopes that are published both through Australia and internationally and creates a monthly horoscope for the Loyal Crush community.

Find Patsy's astrology predictions on our monthly horoscopes page.

Her first book 'Astrology Secrets of the Moon' focuses on how to gain a sense of purpose and happiness in life. Astrologically, the book focusses on the Moon's north nodes, or what she terms your 'soul signs'.
Often regarded as the gateway to divine inspiration, the Moon's north node can provide insight into your soul's true path in life. Astrology Secrets of the Moon is based on over 20 years of research and will help readers to discover their hidden talents and potential and to feel truly fulfilled in life.
Patsy studied Astrology whilst living in London and also worked as a journalist before following her passion and focussing on her psychic and astrological practice.
Patsy is also the author of Zodiac Moon Reading Cards and the annual Astrology Diaries plus her new book Sun Sign Secrets. Find out more about Patsy on her website.

Based on your unique astrological makeup you will also discover your most successful career paths, your most rewarding activities and the most fulfilling approaches to life that you can take.