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Beauty Habits of Make-up Artist Candice September

Make-up artist and muse Candice September takes us through career highlights, her skincare must-haves and the little things that make her smile throughout the day.

What is your creative / artistry?

I am a makeup artist (and a HUGE skincare enthusiast).

How long have you been in this career path?

I have been a makeup artist for about 16 years but I’ve fallen into different careers along the way. I’ve also worked extensively in fashion over that time.

What drew you to this?

I’ve always loved makeup and skincare. I can remember from when I was about 4 years, I would religiously watch my mum do her beauty routine every morning. I was obsessed with watching her. She would buy me little makeup kits to play with so that I didn’t wreck her stash haha! I’d say i was completely inspired and influenced by my mother!

Career highlight?

Getting to work with Beyonce! I was hired to do the dancer’s makeup for JZ’z 40th birthday party. Beyonce sat with me on the floor of her penthouse suite in Crown Towers going through the looks she wanted for the dancers. She was so lovely. It was a fairly surreal moment.

Biggest lesson learnt?

To be kind to others. Everyone is going through something.

If you could tell your younger self…

I’d tell her that life is timing. It’s all going to be ok. You are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Morning routine consists of..

On days where I don’t have an early set time I’ll kiss my husband and fur babies good morning, pop on some music, drink a glass of water and make myself a warm drink. I usually sit and zen out for ten while gathering my thoughts.

I’ll then take my dog for a long walk, we live in the country surrounded by farms and bush. I don’t take my phone - i just disconnect, walk and listen to the sounds of nature, occasionally I’ll find some wildlife that needs help along the way. I’ll then come home to shower and get ready for the day.

Daily rituals means to you…

Time for me. If we can make that time for ourselves we can give so much more to others. Without my morning rituals I can tend to feel like I’m starting on the back foot a bit.

Currently listening to..

At home - old Robert Glasper albums, also some David Bowie and Spencer Davis Group

In the car - The kid Laroi (not my usual type of music at all but he is a 17 year old genius who makes very catchy rap tunes, he also has an incredible story)

Currently reading..

Axiomatic by Maria Tumarkin, written work on how humans process trauma.

Favourite podcast..

I’m currently out of the podcast game to be honest- but I definitely need to get back into it as I do alot of driving! Open to suggestions!

3 things you can’t live without..


Good skincare

My family and friends

And finally, 3 items you are loyally crushing on and why?

Well to be honest, I have four that I’ve been using religiously for the last few months and it would be rude to leave one out! So here is a list of 4 loyal crushes!


Perfect for those ‘no make-up’ make- up days. There are 6 versatile shades that perfectly blend together or can be worn on their own. This Palette is great for anyone wanting a fairly neutral palette as it steers away from pinks and rose golds.

2) Province Apothecary Avocado and Raspberry Moisturising Oil Cleanser

This cleanser was a welcomed surprised! I found that cleansing with this gentle oil not only left my skin properly cleansed but also super hydrated. No irritation has been had! Packed with antioxidants, it’s even great for those who are acne prone. I’ll be purchasing a new bottle soon!

3) Bear Wonder Prickly Pear Seed Oil

This oil really lives up to it’s name. This oil is WONDERful- and filled to the brim with anti-aging properties. I like to apply this in a gentle pressing motion while my skin is still damp, straight after cleansing. The smell of cedarwood and patchouli did take a bit of getting used to but once I became accustomed, was like a nice warm hug to the face. This oil is the real deal, on days when I did not use it I felt like something was missing. A great oil for when skin is lacklustre and in need of an instant boost of hydration.

4) Ere Perez Moringa All Beauty Creme

The cream has quickly become a staple product in my bathroom. The texture of this creme makes it a dream to apply, which I do straight after Bear wonder oil.

I use this creme almost like an occlusive, locking all the moisture into the skin.

Smelling faintly of apricots I find the smell to be nostalgic and comforting. Though the simple lemon tube may be humble in appearance, don’t be fooled. This moisturiser packs a hydrating punch with ingredients that help to firm and tone the skin and promote cell turnover. Oh and You’ll find prickly pear in there too! I truly love this stuff!

If we can make that time for ourselves we can give so much more to others. Without my morning rituals I can tend to feel like I’m starting on the back foot a bit.