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Contouring In Your 20’s

In your 20s, you want to establish a camera-ready look that extenuates your youthful radiance and leaves you fresh-faced. We have all been guilty of watching contouring tutorials, trying to master the famous look of many well-known celebrities. But learning to execute this popular look doesn't have to take long at all. In fact, it is refreshingly simple and easy to integrate into your makeup routine (music to our ears!) Better yet, our latest stockist, RCMA, has developed versatile and universal contouring palettes that you can rely on to make a flawless profile every time.
The purpose of contouring is to sculpt and add dimension to your face; by combining makeup that is darker and lighter than your natural skin tone to manipulate light and shape, leaving you with an illuminated glow. This may sound like you have to invest in many different shades to achieve this, but RCMA’s 5 Part Series Highlight Contour Palette has it all! The bronzer is what you will use to enhance the angles of your face. Texture-wise, using cream-based powders is much more forgiving than liquids alternatives; they are much easier to manage and give you a porcelain-like finish. Sweep your bronzer onto the parts of your face you want to define. A
long the hairline, cheekbones, sides of your nose and jawline are the most common areas; make sure to brush lightly and blow off any powder excess before applying. If you slightly smile, you will bring out the apple of your cheeks, guiding you where to angle the bronzer and create a shadow. The 4th or 5th shade in the palette is ideal for this stage.
The next step is to go bright and light! Apply a creamy concealer or powder as three dots under your eyes, the bridge of your nose, the corners of your lips, your cupid's bow, and the tops of your cheekbones; these areas reflect naturally. Then blend in gently with a smaller brush so as not to cover the bronzed areas. This will add focus to the higher points of your face, highlighting them upwards for a healthy shimmer and instant pick-up. The 1st shade in the palette will be best for this; its translucent properties will guarantee brightness. Following this, you need to start blending; let your product melt into your brush and delicately glide it across your cheeks and the tip of your nose.
Dip your brush into the 2nd and 3rd shades; the slight pink pigment will add a cute blush and act as a natural bridge between your highlighting and shadowed areas. Lastly and very importantly, set your look. Do this by applying a setting powder; the RCMA Premiere Loose Powder No Colour will seal in your contouring efforts and blur any imperfections. It will also control any shine and secure your stunning final look for all-day wear. A few tries, and you will fast become a contouring pro!

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