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Essential Festival Items

Festival season is upon us! July means Splendour in the Grass; this is the festival at the top of every Australian musician’s wishlist, not to mention a highly sought-after destination for acts worldwide. We are stoked to have an incredible three days of music, culture and a lot of dancing just around the corner. Preparing for a festival is a big part of the build-up, from finding epic outfits to experimenting with make-up, and hair whilst gathering a solid group of friends to go with. We have put together a list of some essential items that sometimes get forgotten in the excitement but will be a life saviour to make festival living a little more comfortable.
Checking the forecast is a must prior to any festival, but being equipped for various conditions is never a bad idea. Gumboots are kinda great for both wet and dry weather; if they are good enough for festival queens like Alexa Chung and Kate Moss, then we are game. Gumboots allow for protection from stomping feet and are easy to hose down after a day of boogieing in the mud. It’s worth investing in a sturdy pair; being on your feet all day and walking from stage to stage requires some support, and no one wants a blister disaster, but just in case, put some eco-friendly bamboo plasters in your bag for good measure.

Staying hydrated is essential, especially if you are drinking alcohol and standing in the sun for long periods of time. A reusable water bottle will be a welcome thirst quencher between sets, and filling stations will be dotted around. Opt for a stainless steel design that will keep your water cool all day long. On this note, a hat and sunscreen are also festival fundamentals. Think back to school days, no hat, no play, well it still applies! Even during winter festivals or an overcast day, the exposure will get you - and if it's particularly scorching, packing some electrolyte tablets is a wise move and will also aid with the hangover!
Even if you find yourself coated from head to toe in mud or glitter, keeping sanitary is vital, particularly when camping and navigating those dreaded portaloos. Taking a hand sanitiser with you is easy and will give you an added barrier from germs. The Standard Procedure 60ml is a great choice; made with locally sourced bioethanol. It is a hospital-grade sanitiser without drying out your skin, and the cute clip is an excellent addition to your belt hoops or back pack. Showering is another daunting territory at festivals; if you want to make freshening up more effortless, then some biodegradable wipes will have you covered. Taking a roll of toilet paper never hurts, don’t get left short, so pop in a roll of who gives a crap to your pack, genius.

Finding your friends during a festival can turn into a nightmare when you notice your phone battery rapidly declining. Don't waste your money or time queuing up for a charging facility; bring a portable phone charger; they are lightweight and super reliable, and even the cheaper options will give you some extra juice to get you through. It's essential to capture those irresistible Instagram sunsets with the soundtrack of your favourite artists. The majority of festivals nowadays have an app with a sitemap and extra info, so it's worth a download before you get there too.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself, let your hair down and capture some magical memories.

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