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Festival Beauty To Follow This Year

There are no rules when it comes to festival make-up, and we have a backstage pass for all the best beauty looks; from a full-blown neon glow to a subtle shimmer, there is something for everyone!
Over the last year, we all got a lot of influence from the ever-changing looks of our favourite characters in the TV show, Euphoria, and festivals are the perfect opportunity to execute these. One of our latest stockists, Flavedo Albedo, is the brand for getting that delicious pop of colour to stand out from the crowd and have you shining bright all day long. Their range of velvet eyeshadows is to die for! We particularly love the shade Sky; this pigmented blue will have you floating up in the clouds. Brush this shadow liberally across your eyelid and then dab a little of the Rose Quartz High Glow on your eyebrow bone for added definition. Both products have a metallic matte finish, designed to catch the light and the eyes of all around you. Finish with a stroke of the Grapefruit Cheek Colour for a healthy blush and tint for your lips. Mixing glitter and hot hues is the go this year.

For a more dramatic look, why not try a smokey eye matched with a beautiful bold lip.

Start with the Scout Cosmetics Pure Eye Liner in Violet; this vivid colour will add depth and a distinctive outline. The soft crayon blends easily onto your skin without sitting in natural creases; why not add a little wing for a flirty finish. Next up, the Flavedo Albedo Cool Bronze velvet Eyeshadow is the perfect colour to see you through from morning till midnight! Then go edgy with a bright colour underneath your eye; we can’t get enough of purple this season, so try the Flavedo Albedo Bright Stripe Lilac Eye Liner for the perfect partner to your vivid violet ensemble. Finish with a thick coating of the Lashfood Volumizing Mascara; this will both lengthen and nourish your eyelashes; rich ingredients like rice bran and Phyto-medic complex will stop them from drying out or leaving you with unwanted panda eyes! For intense and very kissable lips, we suggest the Axiology Crayon in Intrigue; the name says it all. Mwah.
It wouldn’t be a festival without a gallon of glitter, and A Beautiful Weirdo’s biodegradable range is our weapon of choice this year. Don’t hold back with the application; apply on top of their Pure Aloe Gel which acts as a natural and skin-friendly glue to hold your glitter in place. The versatility of glitter is what makes it so great, whether you wear it as eyeshadow, a cheekbone highlight or full body sparkle. A mix of chunky and fine fragments will illuminate your look, and we love seeing how different people are experimenting with this! Add some to your hair part or through your braids to jazz up your festival do. Go classic disco glam with Straight Up Silver, Boogie Nights or get your rainbow game on with Cosmic Siren Green! Finish this look with the Ere Perez Vanilla Highlighter in Sun Halo; this will accentuate your cheekbones with a saturated shimmer, we will see you cool cats in the mosh pit!

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