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Healing Eczema With Province Apothecary Healing Balm

With October being Eczema Awareness month we thought it was the perfect opportunity to sit down with the founder of Province Apothecary, Julie and unpack ways in which to treat symptoms, heal and identify ways to manage this common skin condition, (our meeting was virtual, of course, we couldn’t get to Ontario from Byron Bay HQ unfortunately!) We talked about all things, from the full moon rising, to the importance of 8 hours sleep, running around after young children and pretty much everything in between.

Julie spoke from her own experience of eczema, explaining her journey which she has battled from the day she was born and how it has been trying to navigate forms of treatment that are often accompanied by both unpleasant and long-term side effects. Eczema is an external translation of inflammation from within the body, resulting in cracked skin, irritated rashes, bleeding, bumps, stress and a lot of general discomfort. Julie exudes a very nurturing and empathetic perspective, by tackling difficult pain points and learning to understand them, then using this knowledge to help educate others on the importance and power of being in touch with our own bodies, this is what makes Province Apothecary’s story so special.

This healing balm is made with potent plant ingredients such as Collodial Oatmeal that helps maintain and conceal moisture by creating a barrier over any dry skin, keeping the area hydrated and soothed at the same time. Another key ingredient in this balm is Zinc Oxide, this helps with healing by promoting cell renewal and rejuvenation with its skin calming properties.

“I now use eczema as my balance point, if it’s really bad I know my body is out of balance, now I can listen to it, whereas before I was just fighting it.”

It makes all the difference using products that have been tried and tested from genuine and often difficult experiences, Province Apothecary is leading the way in holistic health. By aiding external ailments with topical treatment whilst coming to terms with underlying internal issues and addressing them alongside, so as to work out individual triggers, allergies or sensitivities and linking effective solutions.

“I used to hate it, it’s a really hard thing to deal with, it can be very painful, it can make really simple things like washing your hair or dishes really difficult [...] I used steroids till I was 27 which is a common way to try and take care of eczema but I hit a wall, it wasn’t working and I knew that I had to find a natural way to heal my own eczema [...] which led to starting Province Apothecary.”