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How Screen Time Is Aging Us & Products We Can Use To Combat It

In this day and age, we are permanently surrounded by screen time. Let’s face it, most of us wake up checking our phones, smart watches or tablets to then spend the majority of the work day in front of a screen to get home and wind down with a bit of TV whilst simultaneously scrolling through social media.
So what is this doing to our skin? Studies show that increased screen time can contribute to premature ageing, but there are ways and means to prevent its damage with the right products and a little discipline.

The blue light emissions from our screens is a high-energy, short-wavelength light that can break down healthy collagen production and cause oxidative stress. Grown Alchemist has developed a dynamic anti-pollution range that combats the light pollution and digital rays we are exposed to via technology. Their Anti-Pollution Mist comprises advanced antioxidant ingredients

& retexturing skin actives, including Phyto-peptide-1 and try-hyaluronan complex that protect against environmental and digital impurities—formulated with plant-derived components, Buddleja Flowers and extracts of Echinacea that generate sirtuin proteins which boost the resilience of your skin cells, these slow down the signs of ageing, such as pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. This anti-pollution mist acts as a hydrating barrier on the skin's surface and deeper layers. Shake well to activate the ingredients and spray onto your face, neck and chest post-cleanse for instant relief and a detoxifying layer to your skincare routine.

You have heard this before, but we cannot preach enough about the powers of SPF.

Grown Alchemist’s Natural Hydrating Sunscreen features zinc oxide that protects against all forms of light emissions alongside Rosehip oil, which contains rich omegas that reduce dermal imperfections and intensely moisturise dehydrated skin. It does not only protect from UVA and UVB rays but also infrared A rays that come from our screens. A broad-spectrum sunscreen will decelerate these light emissions. Parsley Seed extracts contain high levels of vitamin C that shield us from free radicals and polluters and provide a high level of dermal protection. Apply every morning at least 30 minutes before any sun exposure and re-apply as needed throughout the day. Follow this with the Grown Alchemist Anti-Pollution Primer before applying any foundation;

this product promotes healthy cell functions and enables a physical barrier to artificial blue light whilst formulating a smooth, hydrated surface, ideal for your foundation to sit flawlessly on top.

Amongst these ace products, don’t forget to switch off too. It is vital to slow down digital use whenever we can; yes, it will slow down the adverse effects on your skin, but it will also slow down the negative impact on your mental health. Try to start the day without immediately reaching for your phone; switch to a traditional alarm clock so you aren’t tempted to check the time or turn it off first thing. Before bed, implement a ban past 7 pm, and create a routine that doesn’t allow phones or screen time and gives you a solid stint of time to thoroughly relax and prepare you for a decent night's sleep. Going analogue is good for the soul!

"Check yourself to protect yourself"