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Reconnect with yourself
Anxiety happens to all of us. It's a natural part of life and it's your body's way of responding to stress. It can be both physical and mental; the butterflies, racing heart and racing thoughts - it isn’t very pleasant.

But somehow we all learn to get through! Sometimes we behave this way in reaction to a perceived threat from a young age, but sometimes it's really hard to shake this response, and it doesn’t fade away quite how we would like it to.

It is important to know when to talk to a medical professional if you struggle with anxiety; it is something to take seriously.

Whatever you need to do to maintain your peace is of the utmost importance. There are many tactics to learn that can instil calm and aid in heightened worry, but always remember to talk to someone whenever you feel the need; a problem shared is truly a problem halved.

A great way to combat excess stress is through regular exercise. Take a gentle walk in nature, breathe in the fresh air, or find a class you feel comfortable in and enjoy going to.

Yoga or pilates will help relieve physical tensions and remind your nervous system to centre on strength and balance. Getting out and about every day and committing to one activity motivates movement. This will release the feel-good endorphins; these chemicals in your brain will re-instate your feeling of well-being and distract you from negative thoughts. Exercise is also a means of meeting people.

Social interactions make a difference in how we feel about ourselves; it creates newfound confidence and a healthy way to cope in more challenging times.

Anxiety can sometimes turn into panic, which affects our breathing rhythm and adds to feelings of fear.

Understanding your breathing patterns and how to find a focal point that will divert your energy can change how you feel in just a matter of moments. Breathe slowly and deeply for a count of ten times as you need; diaphragmatic breathing and breath control will allow you to be aware of what's going on in your body and will tell it to unwind gradually.

Try this practice for five minutes a day starting first thing in the morning! This is an excellent way to connect with yourself; no coffee, no phone, sit up in your bed and take in a fresh beginning and positive possibilities. Both meditation and mindfulness can cross over with your breathing training.

It's a chance to concentrate solely on each breath and move your mind to the moment.

Don’t be disheartened if you only manage a few seconds to start; learning these habits can take a little while, and you will only get better if you simply keep at it.

Ensuring you're getting enough sleep is key to alleviating anxiety. Your body needs adequate rest to function and to understand your rational and irrational thoughts and fears. The irony is that often anxiety can keep us awake and leave us unable to relax into the deep, sleep we so desperately need.

Finding methods and means to finding tranquillity can be really simple and can make all the difference. The Orchard St. Calm Drops are made with high vibe herbs that instruct your body to settle down; they are discrete and can be taken however you need. Take them with you on the go and know there is a safety net of soothing lemon balm, ashwagandha and honey in your handbag.

Another great product on the go is the Indie Rose Ritual Oil. Its grounding qualities help you become present and even promote feelings of optimism. Apply onto your wrists, neck and chest for a beautiful serene scent of rose geranium, sandalwood and jojoba.

Acknowledging that anxiety is a feeling - a very real feeling - but not giving it too much power is essential to overcoming it. It's about finding a shift in perspective and knowing that we cannot control everything in our lives and accepting this too! Life is about appreciating the small moments that make up the big picture.

There will always be challenges to overcome, but this makes us stronger in the long run. Repeating positive affirmations and having faith in your abilities will be your guide. Remember to talk to friends and family; opening up can help you unburden overwhelming feelings. Our loved ones are our best comfort, and their advice and support are worth their weight in gold.

A great way to combat excess stress is through regular exercise. Take a gentle walk in nature, breathe in the fresh air, or find a class you feel comfortable in and enjoy going to.