In Conversation With Alina Rose

We step behind the wellness curtains to deep dive with the magnetic Alina Rose, a spokesperson for femininity, empowerment, healing and helping women to reach their 'diamond potential'.
Explain to us your artistry?

I help a woman cultivate her feminine magnetism and reach her ‘diamond potential’. This, I believe is the biggest key in cultivating a life of value - and attracting and sustaining our best romantic intimate relationship.

For the last few years, I have intimately and concurrently worked with both diamonds and women. As a luxury communications consultant in jewellery, I became intimate with the structure, composition, legend, geometry and value elements of nature’s most resilient, exquisite and precious gemstone.

At the same time, was working with women in a healing and energy-activating capacity for over 15 years, helping harmonise the feminine meridians so that the ancient song of their biochemistry can sing.


As I looked at ancient Hindu and Vedic maps of a woman’s spiritual potential, and also the grids of a diamond’s composition, symmetry and molecular make up… I realised they’re one and the same!


So in essence, a woman is alchemically, in her potential, a diamond - embodying the same multi-faceted shine, core strength and exquisite ability to rise into sparkle above any circumstance.

How long have you been in this career path?

I’ve been working in the feminine arts for over 10 years. This has included studying Tantra for 7 years and tools of subconscious mastery such as hypnotherapy, NLP and Psych-K. I’m also currently finishing my Masters Degree of in Strategic Communications and I’ve consulted with luxury brands for about 5 years. 

What drew you to this?

Like with a lot of people passionate about personal development and esoteric knowledge, I came across these tools in my early 20s because I was seeking answers in my own life. To find out you can actually do this as a profession had my mind delighted and blown. This work has definitely healed my confidence, allowed me to be a better communicator and understand the subtle nuances of successful intimate relationships. As I was able to apply these tools to improve my own circumstances, it has made me a more genuine and empathetic coach. 

Career highlight?

A few years ago, I was on Channel 7 Weekend Sunrise for a Valentine’s Day expert segment with Dr karl. To have my clients find love and happiness and accomplish great things in their lives is also incredibly rewarding… and the main goal I strive for. 

Biggest lesson learnt?

When I started learning Tantra and sacred feminine philosophy, I was genuinely unnerved by how much our world has been designed - consciously or otherwise - through a masculine lens. Our workplaces, the way we are taught to make love, meditate and even do yoga has a different rhythm for a woman’s psychic make up.

For instance, for feminine libido to rise, we need slow intimacy… whereas fast and dynamic is how sex is normalised. Similarly, women go through four hormonal cycles a month that influence their productivity and instincts. If women approach their work and family in patterns of activity and rest that honoured those cycles, we’d be happier and healthier. 

While sadly our world isn’t yet set up to respect that, my wish is that as more women awaken to their rhythms, these priorities will become more accepted.

If you could tell your younger self… 

While in hindsight of course I wish knuckled down and got my s**t together sooner, I realise that those wild nights, insecure mornings, heart-broken weekends and listless days got me exactly to where I am today. 



Morning routine consists of.. 

Getting up early.. Which is by 6.15 or 6.30 (even though the alarm starts trilling at 5am).
I love to luxuriate and read in bed and read until 7.30.
Then I go to a sunny group work out in the park, and always treat myself to an almond mocha on the way back.
I love to curl or style my hair and do my make up properly, and wear something with elegance, subtle sexiness and flair. I don’t feel good unless I’m ‘done’ - even if I’m working from home. 

I usually don’t eat until lunch, but sometimes I have a collagen smoothie with berries and chia seeds.

Daily rituals means to you…

Removing obstruction. Reconnecting to the inner wisdom.
There is a lot of noise in our work. Ritual, reflection and self care is something I like to do at night, and usually it involves some journaling, 10 minutes of meditation and anointing with some beautiful fragrant oils and balms.

Currently listening to.. 

Whatever Russh magazine recommended that month. They nail it! I love some ambient house music too.

Currently reading.. 

‘2012 - The Year of The Mayan Prophecy’ by Daniel Pinchbeck. It’s an impeccably researched and written assimilation of esoteric philosophies in an attempt to understand our modern times.

Favourite podcast.. 

I love Conspirituality - a sharp, intelligent breakdown of questionable spiritual dogma - and its charismatic leaders. 

3 things you can’t live without.. 

For my self care, I love Indie Rose Ritual Oils and CannaBella La Tropica body serum to lift my mood.

Also love a walk in nature, my hair curler, a nice fragrant bath and a cuddle with my furbaby Boobel. 


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