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Launching the Wellness Centre

At Loyal Crush, our philosophy is embedded in mother earth. We strive to find the most organic, environmentally friendly beauty products to sustain your skin’s health and vitality. When it comes to beauty, we are passionate about vegan, cruelty-free, organic and natural products. Being kind to our skin has only been the start of our self-care journey.

Introducing the Loyal Crush Wellness Center, home to 360-degree health solutions for personal growth, with the very best wellness instructors.

The team of experienced practitioners at Loyal Crush Wellness Centre collaborate to provide you with the best possible care in mind-body therapies by combining different modalities of care and practice from yoga, meditation, to nutrition. Healing is a journey of self-discovery, and our team of wellness practitioners are committed to assisting you and delivering the best evidence-based practices of treatment.


We can’t begin our wellness journey without a helping hand. Our team of professionals set the tone to inspire and uplift your spiritual journey. Our skilled practitioners will provide you with a soothing and revitalising experience for the most relieving care. Our digital wellness facilities, including yoga, Pilates, meditation and nutrition are meant to save you time, decrease stress, and make a healthier and more balanced way of life. Our goal is to promote natural health, emotional and spiritual to treat ailments. We are aimed at dealing with complaints inside ourselves by promoting health, science, mindfulness and wellbeing allowing the body to rejuvenate naturally.


Research has revealed that the types of food we eat in the formative years of our lives changes the metabolic speed of the body. Lately, the food industry focuses on making products look more appealing by using numerous preservatives, dyes, additives, and chemicals. Therefore, the effect of healthy eating habits will be significantly larger and longer duration in the first few years of your life. This is where our team of health experts will offer solutions to a productive eating habit.

While most of us see health in terms of a balanced diet and frequent exercising. These things are pretty important to keep your physical health in check, but what about our beauty and skincare products? It’s important to balance your health by being conscious about what you eat and apply it to your skin. Our skin is our biggest organ, absorbing nearly everything you put on it. The typical individual uses 10 different beauty treatments on their skin daily. It exposes itself unknowingly to a large array of unwanted substances that eventually enter our system.

Many traditional skincare products contain substances like phthalates, sodium lauryl sulphate and parabens that are endocrine disrupters. The more products you use, the higher the toxicity levels can enter and accumulate. Our excellent team of health experts will zero in on your skincare routine and nutrition to equip you with the right nutritional knowledge to stay healthy and to enjoy a productive life.


Learning to meditate is a significant skill in life, and it’s never too late to try. By simply adding meditation to your daily routine, you’ll learn to refine, relax, to improve the quality of your sleep. Most simply, meditation is a practical practice of calming the brain with care. And most of the time, our focus is our breath.

Meditation has been performed for generations as an efficient practice for working with the mind and also for rest, health and well-being. Long before modern science and medicine, dedicated meditators with spiritual traditions had discovered the tremendous benefits of meditation. Meditation and physical and mental wellness are linked to a growing body of research.

Learn to meditate with Nico Dimattina, an inspirational meditation teacher, public speaker and self-mastery coach Teaching the One Giant Mind 'Being' Meditation technique, this technique blends our busy spirit into a profound level of relaxation that allows our body to easily access our inner strength. Nico mixes it up with classic techniques and contemporary humour to create a tailored approach to meditation.


Movement is vital for the well-being of your mind. Evidence shows that physical exercise benefits the brain as much as the body. Yoga is researched to be one of the most effective methods of therapy for our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Physical activity reduces anxiety and depression, promotes relaxation, increase self-esteem, reduce stress, and improve cognitive performance.

You can find a range of virtual studios of classes, discourses and tutorials tailored to your busy schedule. All courses are designed to fit your particular requirements. Our teachers are committed to supporting your journey whether you want to master the basic form and position of your yoga pose or to work on specific postures to strengthen and enhance flexibility.

When it comes to movement, you can’t forget about your face. Face yoga is one of the latest techniques that will lift your skin without any surgical procedures, needles or costly treatments. The aim is to stimulate your facial muscles to energise, tone, and lift areas that are sagging to cut years off your face. As an instructor of Face Yoga at the Wellness Center, Niki Terlich is committed to sharing her journey of the benefits of Face Yoga. Her exclusive Face Yoga workshop can become a crucial component of your healing and wellness journey to release fatigue, stress and burnout from your face.

Let us take you on path to self-healing with our community of wellness professionals. We're devoted to your well-being, remember that you're not alone. Around the clock, our team is available to help you discover better health and well-being.