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Lip Shades To Ignite A Summer Feel

Often seen as the icing on the cake or the cherry on top, adding a pop of colour to your lips has the ability to elevate your look from girl next door, to girl on tour; from office hour to happy hour, all in a matter of seconds. Depending on the mood, the occasion, the season or simply the personality, there's a lip shade to suit all. And since this month is all about escaping winter and recreating an everlasting summer feel, we're here to give you a rundown on our favourite brands and shades that will help you do so.

To feel quintessentially 'summery', a sense of simplicity is a hard must. This is why we cannot look past the Axiology Balmies - particularly shade Clementine. Both summer-like in name and in colour, this perfect little crayon can double up as a blush and lip colour all in one i.e. more room in your cosmetic bag and the perfect pal for on-the-road beauty. The Clementine-coloured balmie is a barely-there orange meeting a shimmery nude, essential to creating the sun-kissed look we've all been yearning for - basically bringing European sunshine to your face upon application. Oh and their packaging is plastic-free!

We're all about multi-purpose beauty staples if you hadn't noticed, which brings us to another product we are repeatedly falling in love with. Ticking off all the conscious musts in that it is certified organic, vegan and filled with natural ingredients, the Scout Cosmetics Pure Colour Organic Lipstick in shade Awaken is our idea of heaven. A peachy-pink nude that brings a sun-sation to your every day that simultaneously acts as a hydrating lip balm in the process. Nothing says summer like a sunny kiss!

In the mood for something exotic without turning too many heads? Look no further than the Ere Perez Mango Lip Honey in shade Chilli. Oozing a tropicality to it in its name alone, this mango enriched lip stain adds a shimmering glossiness to your lips with a subtle nude colour to match. Natural in ingredients, it will keep your lips plump and hydrated all day long whilst giving you a summer dewiness that will distract you from the cold.

Creating a balmy, semi-glossy finish, the Shanghai Suzy lipstick in Pink Lace is soft, sweet and has a romantic essence to it - which some might dub the perfect summer affair! Neutral enough to wear on a daily basis, yet warm enough to put a pep in your step. Or pep in your kiss, if you will! Made entirely from natural ingredients and mixed with deep pigment for extra (colourful) pizazz, there's nothing to hate about this summer shade!

Depending on the mood, the occasion, the season or simply the personality, there's a lip shade to suit all.