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Rituals - What Are They & Why Are They Important

Integrating different forms of rituals into your daily routine is a liberating habit, allowing yourself self-assurance and safety through your own sense of connection. We are all about self-improvement and learning to put our best foot forward with confidence and courage; here, we delve into what rituals are and why they are so important.
Rituals come in all shapes and sizes. They can be verbal affirmations, physical routines or a set sequence related to specific objects. It is a common practice connected to many societies and cultures throughout thousands of centuries and is commonly associated with religion; however, rituals can be whatever you want them to be. Even the courtesy of greeting someone hello or a simple handshake can be categorised as a form of ritual. Humans are cognitively wired to desire structure and attempt to predict the future by using past experience to make sense of situations. Rituals are an exercise based on repetition that encourages a sense of control by imposing a sense of order. This can be really powerful in neutralising anxiety and setting intentions.

When establishing rituals, it is important to start simple; like anything, if you take on too much, it won't be sustainable, and you will not achieve your goals. A daily skincare routine is an easy one that you probably already do to some degree.

This is an act of self-love, keeping clean and nurturing your body’s largest organ. Our skin is a form of protection and is the face we show to the world each day, not to mention; that for your products to be effective, applying them regularly and in the correct order will mean you reap all the benefits. Stocking up on the core products will set you straight for glowing skin and is a productive way to start and end your day. Your list should begin with a cleanser to create a fresh base and remove any make-up residue; Fat & The Moon’s Moon Milk is a soft and gentle cleanser suitable for all skin types. Follow this with a toner to get rid of any dead skin cells; DopeDope Skin Co have a fantastic AHA & BHA Tonic that also minimises pores and generally improves your skin’s texture. The next step is an oil-based serum, which will help combat any dehydration and fine lines; the Ere Perez Australian Blue Cypress Face Nectar is a real treat; combine this with a moisturiser like the Grown Alchemist Hydra Repair Treatment, a life saviour in the colder months. If you are practising your morning routine, don't forget the SPF! This hands-on experience will give you a purposeful task to bookend each day.
Another rewarding form of ritual is a tea ceremony. An ancient Chinese and Japanese tradition, tea ceremonies are becoming ever-popular and can be done as a group or solo. The standard custom is, to begin with, an intention; this can be said out loud or kept as a thought you focus upon. Try to use teaware that is sentimental to you within a space that brings you calm and has a small amount of natural light and airflow. Arrange some mats and cushions for comfort, and set the mood by lighting some Palo Santo Incense; this keeps you centred and focused, or try burning a smudging wand. The Bhon Bhon Blossom Dreamer Wand is perfect for cleansing an area and circulating the aspiration of a fresh beginning, letting go of the old to make way for the new. With healing rosemary, sage and acacia's earthy scent, it helps keep you grounded and open up your perspective. It is wrapped with a single clear quartz that accentuates the sensation of balance and clarity within the healing process. Sitting amongst the aroma whilst slowly drinking your herbal tea is an opportunity to reflect within a quiet and peaceful environment and represents an act of purity and tranquillity. Consider it a time for contemplation, deep thought and connection; many say that it is its own form of meditation, allowing your mind to centre onto a moment of being. When finished, make an offering to the tea and the earth by scattering your tea leaves onto fresh soil or grass.

An enriching practice is to remind yourself of your blessings through ritual cards. This purpose is to render a moment of mindfulness and positivity through recognising the good things you have in your life. The Eunoia Gratitude Journey Pack is an exercise based on opening up a positive mindset. This beautiful bundle includes a clear quartz crystal, a perfume roller, a face elixir and a set of oracle cards. Begin by massaging the elixir onto your decolletage, neck and face whilst repeating your gratitude mantra on the oracle card. Then apply the perfume to your wrists and neck and repeat your mantra again, listen to the words and absorb the healing process of acknowledging all that you have whilst setting aside any nervous or negative energy. By getting into the habit of doing this once a day, you will begin to live by the wisdom of the guiding phrases that you can turn to whenever you need it.

Because everyday rituals become who you are...