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Sensuality and Relationship Expert: Alina Rose

Alina Rose provides guidance and inspiration through coaching, activation bodywork, keynote speaking, workshops, group experiences and curation of all things luxurious for modern women who are yearning to live a rich and abundant life - both in and out of the bedroom.


As a Founder of The Diamond Codes, Alina is passionate about bringing the blueprint of authentic power back to women’s lives in a post #metoo world. Known for her direct, intuitive and witty style, Alina’s insights into modern relationships have seen her feature in a number of popular media including Body and Soul, Seven Sunrise, Madison, Cleo, Cosmo and

Alina is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), A Certified Life & Executive Coach, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and PSYCH-K facilitator, as well as a student of Tantra. She is currently completing her Master in Strategic Communications from the University of Sydney.


Dealing With Uncertainty In Relationships

Rebuilding Your Life And Confidence After Divorce

Reclaiming Your Identity Beyond Mothering

Creating Your Dream Life Using Feminine Energy

Tantric Secrets For More Connection, Sensual Mastery and Pleasure

Tantric Secrets For Creativity, Wellness and Quality of Life


If your love life feels devoid of pleasure, meaning and potential, power and mythology of Womanhood can help you channel majesty to intimate creation.

Alina will take you on a journey to activate your inner goddess in a series of creative sessions that reconnect you with your feminine power.


A Signature 6 Month Diamond Codes Program

Polarity Body Work Sessions

Writing and Authorship to Media

Signature “Science of Sensuality” Public Workshops

Feminine Paradigms of Power Corporate Talks and Discussions

Sustainable Brand Ambassadorship

How to engage your life has been devoid of art, pleasure, meaning and gorgeousness, the "Joi de vie" of art, power and mythology."