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The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini is here and is giving us all a little something extra in the air. Not only are we in the midst of Mercury in retrograde but we are experiencing another eclipse. The lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26 was similar to a full moon, and took place alongside the South Node, indicating the closing of a chapter. This time around, though, the eclipse is similar to a new moon and takes place alongside the North Node in Gemini, indicating increase or where you’re heading in the future. It’s also a solar eclipse, meaning that the sun and moon are joining forces. As you gear up for, the spiritual meaning of the June 2021 eclipse is all about renewal, moving forward, and starting fresh.

Reminder: Eclipses happen about four times each year and are nothing to be afraid of. They simply correlate with changes and transformations in your life, depending on where they’re taking place in your birth chart. This year, the eclipses are taking place in mutable signs mutable signs Gemini and Sagittarius, placing emphasis on communication and knowledge.

Think of Gemini energy as the student, and Sagittarius energy as the teacher. These eclipses are trying to teach you something, so be sure to pay close attention to its messages. The eclipse in Gemini on June 10 has an interesting twist, though, because Mercury retrograde will be right there with the sun and the moon as they endure this eclipse, doubling down on communication and information being emphasized.

Since Mercury will be wrapped up in this energy, communication could be a challenge, but there’s a deeper message here that you’re meant to uncover.

This is an excellent time to reflect on what this area of your chart is trying to teach you, and when Mercury stations direct on June 22, it’ll fully be time to embrace the new beginnings that your Gemini-ruled house has to offer.

Eclipses are a great time to pause and reflect, so be sure to use this time to prepare for your fresh start.

As Jules Ferrari from Golden Nature writes;

‘A blank page is before you. Pen in hand.

While you are an accumulation of the time, space and experiences you have traversed, these memories, patterns and neural grooves do not need to dictate your next chapter. Or you’re today. You always have choices, that’s part of your personal power.

Gemini lives on a 24 hour cycle. It doesn’t look back. It’s right here right now.

Youthful, curious, eyes wide open.

A new Moon is a time to plant new seeds.

A solar eclipse is a new and blank page.

Today the Sun, the Moon and Mercury dance with the North Node - the collective way shower of new energies - here in the sign of the oracle, the objective messenger who moves at the speed of thought between the divine, the underworlds and our mortal realm. In and out of time and space.

Take note of what has surfaced in the two weeks of shedding since the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. This eclipse season has brought us into close contact with the edges of our reality. Areas that may need new perspectives and action.

On this deeply symbolic day, release to bring in spaciousness. A deep clean, an emotional clearing exercise, a cleanse, a journalling session that relieves you off the mind muck. Make space now and ignite new conversations with your intuition.Experiment with new inner dialogue. Take decisive action. Take up your own space. Plot your next chapter.Take ownership of your pen and your page. Embrace your life.’

A blank page is before you. Pen in hand.