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Tarot Reader Bhony Austin

Bhony grew up on the mid north coast of Australia in a town called Woolgoolga - a small community surrounded by beautiful beaches and stunning rain forests. She has travelled around Australia and overseas, with a three year stint in Byron Bay learning all about the Tarot. She now resides back in her original hometown, and has started a ceremonial wand business (among other talents) called Bhon Bhon Blossom.
Bhony fell into the tarot after she was gifted a deck and had no idea what to do with it or where to begin. Being drawn to it quite strongly, she started listening to a podcast by Lindsay Mack, which led to enrolling in a 12 month course by the same teacher. Three years later, after living with and studying the cards completely at her own pace, she started offering readings online.
Bhony found the whole process incredibly healing. It healed personal, childhood traumas by softening the edges around triggers and she loved sharing this healing with others who needed the same guidance and assistance. 'The more I can expand in this space, the more I can help others expand and heal' she says. Reading for others can change Bhony's whole day for the better as she finds her energy is reset when she is working in her purpose.
For Bhony, self care is truly a game changer - particularly as the mother of two small children and owner of growing business Bhon Bhon Blossom. She considers self care an every day occurrence, not just a once a week pamper day. Every day is about making conscious decisions that build a strong foundation for the soul to create from. Bhony starts her day with self care; from the cacao-filled adaptogenic tonics she drinks in the morning and thoughts she invites in upon waking to the healthy food she chooses to eat throughout the day and a top-to-toe skincare routine that includes stopping to rest her feet firmly on the earth and letting the sun kiss her face.
The history of the tarot is something Bhony finds compelling and mysterious. With so many decks out there they all tell their own story with individual art creations, but the theme remains the same. 'My current favourite card would be the Queen of Wands', Bhony says. 'It's one of the last cards I studied in my course and I admire everything this archetype shares. She’s water and fire together so pure alchemy showing up in full power, with nothing other than magic in her field and she knows it, believes it and lives it. When this card comes through it is asking us to dive inward to the experience. Express yourself in your souls eyes without questioning anything.' Visit Bhon Bhon Blossom Website

I wanted to go further down the rabbit hole because working with or studying the tarot is never ending - it's just so expansive.