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Inspired by the recent Women's Equality Day and the turn of events that are showcasing in the world at the moment, we were drawn to seek some inspiration from our female community.

We posed the question to them; What does being an empowered modern woman mean to you?

"Being an empowered woman means that I am living in my truth, my creativity, being a role model for my family and community. It means that I am living and breathing what I believe each day. It means that I am always striving to be a better person and this empowers me to move forward.

This fuels me also to create, design and make clothing that allows women to feel empowered. I am passionate about bringing these values into each collection, so that anytime a piece is worn, the woman will feel herself, beautiful, strong, free to move, effortless and like she is in a second skin."

- Georgia Hall, mother, creative and designer of State of Georgia

"Being an empowered woman for me is....having found my way back home, remembering my true essence and feeling my personal power from within, letting go of the conditionings and stories, All of that to be an open clear channel so I can support and be at service of others."

- Luciana, Intentional Photographer

An empowered woman is someone who…

"has been through life’s challenges and comes out the other side, liberated. Is in command of her choices and her body. Embraces her sexuality and owns her deep desires. Effortlessly and confidently communicates her needs. Devotes time to herself and her various pleasures."

- Alina Rose, Women’s Sensuality And Empowerment Coach

"To be a modern empowered woman is to know you can do it all, but you don’t have to. Modern women are still in an active rebellion to embody the full scope of the feminine (not just the limited lens offered by the patriarchy).

A modern empowered woman is a healer. The divine feminine is, in essence, the most nourishing natural force.

A modern empowered woman is conscious of her impact and intentional with her presence. A modern empowered woman asks for help, not because she needs it, simply because she knows others want to support her.

I feel compelled to encourage women to seek out individual freedom from the stereotypes and societal pressures that have influenced our internal dialogues for too long. Our unique expression is needed now more than ever. Until we are all free, no one is free.

A modern empowered woman is intentional in every relationship (and we are in relationship with all things)."

- Heidi Armstrong, Teacher of the 'Art of Loving Well'

"What does being an empowered woman mean to me? It means knowing deep within yourself that you can be the master of your dreams. It’s a translation of alchemy at the highest level and richest form of existence, the we as women can do anything we put our minds too, and do that with grace, love and care.

A modern empowered woman looks after herself, her family, her community and the world at large. She knows how to balance these within her life, and if she doesn’t she always know that tomorrow is a new day filled with possibility. She doesn’t hurt herself in the process, she knows that self love doesn’t discriminate between “good” or “bad” - she loves herself no matter what.

A modern empowered woman is a little bit of everything, and she is ok with that. She moves in a world once dominated by men with a keen eye, a savvy sense of self and a connection to those who walked before her. She doesn’t forget how challenged the women of the past were, and strives always to help those of the future.

A modern empowered woman is me, is you, she is in all of us. She is the past, but so very much the future. Like the quote says; “The future is female” - and it is. With everything she has learned and passionate to bring forward, empowering everyone along the way."

- Zoe Gordon, founder of Loyal Crush

The future is female