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On September 22/23, 2021, the Sun crosses the celestial equator marking the Equinox, a time of equal night and day. In astrology, the Equinox is also the start of Libra Season and the midway point through the astrological year. On the Equinox, energy begins shifting in a new direction as we reach a turning point on our trip around the Sun.

For some of us, we may even be able to see this shift in energy as we enter the season of Autumn or Spring. Autumn is a time of energy moving inwards, whereas Spring is a time of energy moving outwards.

Both of these Seasons however, represent a transition point; a point of metamorphosis. These transition points were sacred to our ancestors, who honored them as times of change and preparation for what’s to come.

As the Equinox is a time of equal night and day, and Libra is also represented by the scales, this day marks a power time for creating balance in our lives.

Take a moment to check in with your mind, then body, then soul. Where do you need to create balance in these three areas?

Look to see what is either draining or supporting these areas of your being and then work on creating balance by either releasing or welcoming in new energy.

Balancing the receiving and giving of energy is also a theme we can work with on the Equinox, and Mother Nature is here to help.

On the days surrounding the Equinox, it is also believed that the ley lines or energy grid of the Earth comes into harmonic resonance, allowing us to soak up the healing benefits of Mother Earth with greater ease.

No matter what is brewing for you at the time of the Equinox, make it a point to spend some time in nature, soaking up the incredible healing properties of the Earth.

Allow yourself to feel grounded to the soil, sand, or roots of a tree. Allow your heart to be lifted by the breeze. Allow your hair to be blown in the wind. Allow your thoughts to go still as you take in the incredible colors of the world around you.

The September Equinox 2021 carries some unique energies that will colour our experience of this sacred time.

On the September 2021 Equinox, Mars will be very active, bringing strength, power, and even a boost of motivation.

We can use this Mars energy to push past our fears, to take a leap of courage, and to bring action to all that we are working on.

Mars is a planet that requires us to move. If we stay stagnant for too long, we can find ourselves irritable and feeling frustrated. So, under this strong Mars energy, find a way to take action, even if it’s just in a small way.

Along with Mars, the dwarf planet, MakeMake is also active. MakeMake lives out far beyond Pluto and is the creator God of Rapa Nui or Easter Island.

MakeMake represents fertility and our connection with nature. As the creator God of Rapa Nui, MakeMake is considered powerful and abundant.

In astrology, MakeMake indicates a need to honor and protect our environment. This is in the world at large, but also our own personal environment too.

How can we work on creating an environment of balance that feels good to us on a soul level? How can we ensure that this environment flows in a harmonious direction with nature, rather than against it?

As MakeMake lives far beyond even Pluto, it works on the subtle levels of our frequency, triggering things for us on a subconscious level.

To really connect with the planetary wisdom of MakeMake, we may need to spend time connecting through meditation or even through our dreams.

It has also been said that the island of Rapa Nui that resides deep out in the Pacific Ocean, is home to some of the most concentrated cosmic energies on the planet.

There is a deep and beautiful history surrounding MakeMake and the creation of Rapa Nui. Of course, the island is also famous for the giant statues or Moai that weigh over 14 tonnes each and are surrounded by mysterious alien origins.

It seems there is something magical about Rapa Nui and its history that has been lost in modern times, and perhaps this too is symbolism for the manifestation of MakeMake.

Perhaps the energy of MakeMake is our reminder to honor our traditions, ancestors, and our roots. Perhaps it is important for us to think about the road we have traveled and just how far we have come.

Let us not forget the magic and mystery that always surrounds us and the things that transpire for us in this life. Let us not forget that we have the power to connect with the beautiful energies of the Earth in order to create, birth new ideas, and bring new ventures to life.

Just like MakeMake created an island, we too can create our own sanctuary that is aligned with our soul and all that we wish to achieve.

On this September 2021 Equinox, spend some time honoring your own creation story. Reflect on the past, but know that your power lies in the present moment.

Allow yourself to create balance and harmony in your life.

Give yourself permission to create a life that feels beautiful and worthwhile, regardless of what your circumstances may be. You always have the power.

The Equinox is our power time to connect with all of nature and to remember that we are part of a much bigger Universe.

Tune into these energies and use them as you see fit. Allow them to show you the way.

On this September 2021 Equinox, spend some time honoring your own creation story. Reflect on the past, but know that your power lies in the present moment.