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The Three Aryuvedic Doshas

The philosophy of Aryuvedic medicine originates from ancient India. Ayurvedic theorises that all disease is caused due to imbalance or stress in a person's consciousness.
As a practice, it encourages natural therapies and lifestyle changes to find alignment between mind, body and spirit. Aryuvedic translates to knowledge of life in Sanskrit and is still a very relevant modern-day form of curative and preventative treatment.

The Aryuvedic approach seeks to maintain the well-being and longevity of an individual. The focus is on achieving the perfect balance between one’s body also known as the Prakriti, and one’s environment extending to a deeper connection to the universe as a whole.

Ayurvedic channels these through three main qualities called Doshas. These doshas are divided up into Vata, Pitta and Kapha, which all have their impact on specific parts of the body and their functionalities. The belief is that everyone has a unique balance of the three doshas that are constantly in flux.

Vata is composed of space and air elements that influence Pitta and Kapha; it is a moving force within oneself that sits in the colon and promotes stability and healthy communication between thought processes and emotional responses.

Pitta is associated with the fire element, which rules your digestive system, metabolic function and detoxification. Pitta controls everything you consume, not just food but also information and concepts from the world around you. The Pitta has a great impact on body temperature, hunger and thirst.

Lastly, the Kapha governs immunity and is situated in the stomach; its job is to carry nutrients around the body and assist with energy production. It is composed of the water and earth elements, keeping you grounded and promoting positive energies, both physical and psychological. These three doshas work in conjunction to affect the way each person functions.

The Aryuvedic approach is preventative, it aims to build resistance to disease and eliminate impurities for a clear consciousness. There are various components that are used commonly with Aryuvedic treatment, including herbal remedies, a special diet, yoga, meditation and remedial massage. The typical Ayurvedic diet is a major component of this holistic way of living, it is seen as a powerful part of managing the balance of energies between the three Doshas.

Wholefoods make up a decent proportion of the diet, legumes, grains, vegetables and fruits that are high in fibre and low in sugar enable a thorough cleansing process. The Aryuvedic diet recognises that foods and substances have different effects on the body and mind. There are two qualities that are seen as beneficial; Satva foods promote clarity and harmony, you can get nurture these from dried fruits, seeds and herbal teas. Raja foods increase physical energy and mental clarity, a rich of source of these come from rice, yeast and himalayan salt.

Individual diets will vary based upon the ratio of doshas and what your body is is need of, for example to settle the Pitta Dosha, one needs cooling foods that are high in carbohydrates whereas for the Vata Dosha the body is wanting soft, hydrating foods.

Spices, herbs and adaptogens also play a considerable role in Aryuvedic, they are recognised for their ability to impart sensory pleasure to both food and drink whilst supporting your overall digestive system.

The Withania Herbal Tincture from Orchard St is a wonderful example of this, with restorative medicinal qualities, it helps reduce inflammation and stress within the body that can have a big impact upon the balance of your individual Doshas. Made with only natural ingredients, it is a source of energy that aids in finding an equilibrium between mind, body and spirit. Add up to twenty drops to your choice of beverage, elixir or directly under the tongue.

Sipping on herbal teas is a efficacious method to achieve physical alignment, Happy Society’s Euphoria Loose Leaf Tea is a blend of healing ginger, chamomile and lemon balm that are soul soothing and keep the nervous system cool, calm and collected.

Mood and mindfulness are central to this holistic health practice, maintaining vitality is essential for your Kapha Dosha, the Bliss Elixir Prana Powder is an invigorating supplement with reishi, astragulus and mucuna that increase your dopamine flow, settle overactive adrenal function and stabilise the immune system. Enjoy with your choice of warm milk, smoothie or sprinkle on top of a delicious home cooked meal.

Ayurvedic encourages gratitude, patience and connection, this will filter into everything you do, the people you surround yourself with and generate a positive environment for your beautiful being.

Listen to your body, allow the process to unfold and immerse yourself in the experience of a peaceful existence.