The Edit With Sophie Haber

We're fascinated to learn more about the habits and rituals our LC friends and mentors use daily to add more magic into their lives. We take a look into their world and share inspired moments in a new segment called 'The Edit'. 

We start 'The Edit' with the radiant Byron Bay based Sophie Haber and the top ten things Sophie recommends to unwind...


1. Favourite thing to do that refreshes the soul...

Taking myself on a daily walk with red lipstick on. This has be so fun and perfect for snapping out of a funky mood and into a fun groove. 

Sophie wears the Axiology Lipstick Crayon in Vibration

2. Current favourite artist...

Luke Edward Hall artwork

I really love his whimsical and romantic way with art. I have been really inspired by his lines and colours and of course the french countryside 


3. Currently reading... 

Birth Space by Gabrielle Nancarrow

I just discovered her work on instagram and really love all that she is offering to the community. She just published this beautiful coffee table book about various topics and stories about birth and it's very insightful. Something I feel everyone should own! 

4. Currently using...

Aurelia Face & Body Oil

This decadent blend brings shimmers to my skin and has the scent of spring. I really love the elegant glass bottle and the gold shimmers that lap out onto my skin as I apply it on. Its my daily go to in Winter!


Sophie and the Auriela Face & Body Oil

5. Current favourite rituals

My morning pages 

Writing 3 full pages first thing in the morning is a staple to my day and gets the creative juices flowing again. I try to do this daily and always feel so good when I do. 


6. Your own project that you are currently loving... 

The Artists Date 

An online platform I created during lockdown to bring the community together and inspire different creatives. It is donation based and each workshop is led by a different artist. This has been so fun, check it out @theartistsdate 



7. Current favourite style trick...

Red Lipstick 

I am seriously in love with these shades of red right now and have been rotating through each lipstick. I love that they are sustainably made and makes it feel even better when I wear them. 


8. Currently loving to make... 

Bouquet of Flowers

I love to arrange a bouquet each week for the house. Lately it has been these beautiful anemones fresh from the farmers market. 


Shop the range of Axiology Lipsticks and Crayons here. 


9. Favourite sustainable practises

Filling my rainbow basket at the local farmers market

This warms my heart to carry along my reusable basket to get my fresh veggies and flowers each week. I am slowly trying to cut down all my single use plastics and enjoy the weekly date to the market with something that is reusable. 


10. Current favourite recipe

Granola butter

This recipe is my latest addiction. I love the blend of oats, flaxseed, spices, oils, and maple syrup. I lather it on my toast or eat it just by the spoonful. 


And a few extras just because!


Currently loving in nature...

The waterhole on our property 

I find peace and stillness in my days when I come to visit this fresh water source. It feels like I get to fill my cup up again and again. 

Creating our Garden

We have just seed out seeds for Spring and I am so excited because I finally get to try and plant some of my favourite flowers! 


Immune Drops Herbal Tincture 

I love this tincture especially for these times when I want to boost my vitamin c and support my immune system. The taste is delicious and the packaging is so beautiful. I try and take them daily as drop doses and sometimes mix them into my morning elixirs. 

Immune Tincture Drops by Orchard St

Venus Ritual Bath Soak 

I am the queen of baths and this blend smells so divine and makes my skin feel so loved up. It's the perfect amount for my bath and invites a sense of ritual when I sprinkle the blend in. 

 Venus Ritual Soak from Salt and Rainbows

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