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What are Pulse Points?

Where are they on our bodies? And what do they achieve?
Understanding the anatomy of your pulse points means you can harness the maximum benefits of aromatherapy; the locations of pulse points provide a direct route from your bloodstream and nerves to send specific messages to your brain. It can significantly impact your emotional and mental states and physical reactions, such as increased focus, and energy levels and nurturing your innate stress responses. When practising aromatherapy, focusing on your body’s natural pulse points will accentuate the desired feelings, allowing you to connect with your essential oils and their purpose.

Your pulse points are where the major arteries sit close to the skin, meaning anything applied there will naturally filter and circulate into your system more efficiently. Pairing the perfect oil with the right pulse point can trigger your intended emotions and leave you feeling restored and positive. Coupling your olfactory senses with your pulse points means you can also engage with your sense of smell. There are six key pulse points on your body, the neck, chest, inner elbow, wrist, temples, and behind the ears. These points also have natural dips perfect for a roller ball to sit and release the right energies and aromas. Unlike spraying aroma therapy scents, applying them directly to your body will have a more concentrated effect.

The neck is an incredibly powerful pulse point; due to its proximity to the head, it will swiftly permeate your brain and captivate your senses. It will also influence the limbic system, a set of structures within the brain that combine to control your emotional and behavioural responses. The best place to apply essential oils here is where the collar bone meets your sternum. If you find yourself struggling to fall asleep at night or experiencing a restless sleep, try a rollerball oil that contains lavender and chamomile to help your body and mind relax. The Ananda Life Harmonia is designed to remind your body to unwind naturally and help you drift into a peaceful slumber. For sickness, chesty coughs or congestion, applying the Ananda Life Juno rollerball to your chest or behind the ears, this will help with a burst of fresh energy; infusions of orange, grapefruit and bergamot will give you an uplighting boost and will directly float upwards on onwards just like your sickness. For anxiety or low mood, the wrist and inner elbow areas can be incredibly comforting spots to apply your essential oil; it is discreet and can be used throughout the day or however, you need it. Bergamot and ylang-ylang are potent ingredients to soothe racing thoughts and put your mind and body at ease. Try the Ananda Life Luna Roller; it is perfect for keeping you feeling balanced, confident and gently motivated. It is also a delightful fragrance, doubling up as a natural perfume. The temples are a great area to tackle migraines or brain fog; lavender has been proven to help our bodies process the sensation of pain and reduce any physical suffering. The Numa Roller contains a combination of lavender, geranium and cedarwood that also help calm menstrual pain and assist with side effects from hormonal changes or imbalances, just like magic.

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