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What is EFT? And what are the benefits?

EFT stands for emotional freedom technique, also known as tapping...
It is a practice based on a hybrid of Chinese medicine and modern-day psychology. It is becoming an increasingly popular alternative approach to treating anxiety, insomnia and panic disorders, including PTSD. The purpose is to source a balance between different energies within your body; it works similarly to acupuncture, focusing upon intense pressure points known as meridian points that exist all over the body. Instead of using needles, EFT involves fingertip tapping to apply a repetitive form of pressure. The tapping stimulates signals to the part of your brain that controls and mediates your stress response.

This process has a simple method, making it a helpful tool that can be used whenever and wherever needed.

Firstly, when confronting negative emotions, it is essential to navigate the identifying issue that is causing you emotional, mental or physical discomfort. Concentrating solely on this matter and understanding its level of intensity will be the key to a successful tapping. Some problems will cause small stresses; others, of course, can be far more severe; putting the appropriate weight on the issue will also help your subconscious metabolise the source of your suffering. Acceptance is a big part of overcoming; acknowledging that the subject in focus does exist and is very real to you is vital in facing life’s uncertainties. Despite this, you can provide a healing solace within yourself to cope.

During your EFT tapping, you need to establish a dialogue to go with the tapping motion; a simple but powerful statement will enhance the overall outcome, for example, “Even though I have a great fear/anguish over this problem, I deeply and completely accept myself.” There are nine main meridian points throughout the body: the karate chop point (located by the small intestine), top of the head, the eyebrow, side of the eye, under the eye, under the nose, the chin, the collarbone, and under the arm. Moving down the body in ascending order, tap seven times on every point before circling back to the karate chop point. Each area has its own communication channel to different vital organs that transmit signals to your brain. This will press pause on your instinctual fight and flight mode and convert your focus to find a source of self-comfort within the moment. Combined with your recited line, this can be an incredibly effective means of managing your emotions on your own terms.

Many use tapping as a way to start or end each day; it can contextualise common stresses as well as a coping mechanism during more intense periods of affliction. The aim is to both restore and refresh your natural energies to encourage a self-empowered sense of peace over negative thought patterns. It is amazing what can be achieved when we reflect within ourselves; it leads to a deeper understanding of triggers and breaking down individual struggles so that they don’t overwhelm you. Remember that practice is key, as well as patience; being human is precisely that, being human! We all see the world in a completely unique way, which is beautiful but complex, be compassionate with yourself, take your time and tap into a new way of living.

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