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What is Face Yoga?

Hearing the term face yoga may make you feel like, what will they come up with next? But Face Yoga has been around for a while; the concept began with Fumiko Takatsu, a Japanese academic who suffered a car accident, leaving her face sitting asymmetrically. During her recovery, she realised that strengthening her body with exercise is something she could also apply to her face.

Evidence shows that by consistent practice, maintaining taunt, more youthful skin can be achieved from the comfort of your home by using various simple massaging and exercises to target your face, neck and decolletage area. Today, face yoga is considered an effective natural technique for ageing gracefully, encouraging lymphatic drainage and overall well-being. So what is face yoga, and how can we implement it into our regular skin routine?

As it turns out, yoga is not just for the body. Face yoga is a term used to describe ways in which you can exercise and manipulate the muscles in your face to attain a contoured, toned appearance. Research shows that regular exercise strengthens the facial muscles making them less receptive to visible signs of ageing, such as sagging or wrinkles. With time and practice, the muscles develop and grow directly underneath the skin's surface. They become subtly fuller in places like your upper and lower cheeks, giving that desired youthful shape. So the firmer the muscles are, the more they help hold fat pockets in place, preventing any dropping that is commonly associated with maturing skin.

Face yoga is designed to be a part of your self-care regime. It gradually reduces stress and tension in the face and relaxes the muscles to stop them from contorting or overworking with expressions like squinting or frowning. So, instead of downward dog or child’s pose, replace those with terms like the eye-opener, the jaw stretch or even the forehead lifter! There are a plethora of ‘positions’ to try, and feel free to use a face oil or cream as a form of lubrication.

The Fat and the Moon Face Oil is deeply nourishing without being too heavy to manoeuvre with, packed with naturally sourced ingredients that soothe and hydrate the skin; plus, the apricot oil makes it smell divine! Try this with an easy-to-master technique called the temple developer. Press your fingertips to your temples as you close your jaw, clench your teeth together, tilt your chin upwards, focus your energy on your temple area, and think about moving your ears. Hold for ten seconds each time, then release for another ten. Your muscles will gently flex with each clench. Another simple one is called the eyebrow lift, press your fingertips underneath your eyebrows and let your eyes open. Slowly smile as you lower your eyebrows back onto your fingers as they close, roll your eyes to the top of your head, hold for twenty seconds, pause and repeat.

Let’s be clear; it's not necessarily going to be a magic wand to Peter Pan’s endless adolescence. However, even repeated massage can significantly improve your blood circulation and collagen production, giving you a gorgeous glow which, if you ask us, is worth its weight in gold.

Practice with the Orchard St Nephrite Jade Gua Sha for a more defined result; use upward, outward, and circular motions for a rejuvenating addition to your daily beauty routine!

face yoga is considered an effective natural technique for ageing gracefully, encouraging lymphatic drainage and overall well-being.