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Gemini May 2023

Read more about your personalised star sign as written by our resident astrologist, Patsy Bennet. Patsy shares her insights into the month ahead so you can prepare for the best!

Your sign’s ruler, Mercury, will be retrograde until mid-May and you may discover that communications are not as easy as you’d prefer them to be. You’ll also need to be patient with travel or delays. However, this will be a lovely month for reunions and reconnecting with those you love. It’s also a good time to develop a fresh platform work-wise. A tense period financially will lead you towards a fresh understanding of how you can build lasting wealth.

To assist with the communication struggles that may arise during this retrograde period, Geminis could benefit from using Happy Society Euphoria Essential Oil. The essential oil is made with a blend of uplifting and invigorating scents, including peppermint and grapefruit, which can help to reduce stress and anxiety and promote feelings of happiness and positivity. By incorporating this essential oil into your daily routine, you can support your mental and emotional well-being and maintain a positive outlook, even during challenging times. This can help you communicate more effectively and navigate any challenges that come your way with greater ease and grace.

this will be a lovely month for reunions and reconnecting with those you love