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Libra August 2023

Read more about your personalised star sign as written by our resident astrologist, Patsy Bennet. Patsy shares her insights into the month ahead so you can prepare for the best!

This month let Loyal Crush guide you to the perfect nail polish shade that resonates with your unique star sign. Discover a colour that aligns with your celestial identity and enhances your individual cosmic energy.

Developments at home and in your personal life will demand that you configure a fresh approach to these important areas of your life. You may need to reorganise some of your family or spare time projects so that you can stay on top of developments.

A sense of reunion, revision or revamping aspects of your daily life will be necessary towards the end of the month. Be sure to maintain perspective in August, as the two supermoons will exaggerate emotions.

Libras, the epitome of balance and harmony, find themselves most suited to nail polish shades that embody these qualities. Soft and serene hues like baby pink, light blue, and pastel lilac perfectly complement their gentle and diplomatic nature. These colours evoke a sense of peace and tranquility, reflecting Libra's innate desire for equilibrium.

Whether it's a formal event or a casual outing, these shades effortlessly create a harmonious and refined look. Embrace the delicate beauty of these colours, and let your nails exude the balanced energy that perfectly aligns with your Libra identity.

Our top pick for you is Emerson from Zoya. Emerson can best be described as a modern baby blue cream.

We love Zoya because not only are they vegan and cruelty free, but they also focus on natural nail and skin health with product formulations that provide safe and effective beauty. Zoya nail polishes are BIG10 Free! No nasties, toxic chemicals and always conscious of the environment.

Be sure to maintain perspective in August, as the two supermoons will exaggerate emotions.