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Scorpio July 2023

Read more about your personalised star sign as written by our resident astrologist, Patsy Bennet. Patsy shares her insights into the month ahead so you can prepare for the best!

Unlock the true essence of your starsign with our carefully selected perfume, tailored to resonate with your unique cosmic energy. Immerse yourself in the captivating blend, to enhance your aura and make a lasting impression that aligns perfectly with your celestial identity.

This is a good month to focus on making the long-term changes you’ve been considering. The more you can see change as an opportunity for something new, the better for you. A surprise or shifting scenario early in July suggests the full moon on the 3rd will motivate you to take a break, a trip or to undertake a fun venture.

This is a good month to focus on therapeutic, uplifting past-times. Venus and Mars in your career and social zones will revitalise these areas, so be sure to take the initiative, as you could make great progress now.

Hey there, Scorpios (October 23 - November 21)! You are best suited to intense and mysterious scents such as deep florals, spicy notes, and oriental blends. Our pick for you is 19-69 Kasbah Eau De Parfum. This scent is like a portal to the vibrant and creative party scene of Marrakesh during the groovy 1960s and 1970s.

Picture yourself in a woody oasis, surrounded by enchanting aromas that invite you to indulge in the exotic. Kasbah welcomes you with open arms, enveloping you in its warm embrace. Soft oriental spices add a touch of mystery and allure to the fragrance, capturing your intense and enigmatic spirit. With its enticing blend of white honey, amber, and sandalwood, Kasbah transports you to a realm of sensory delights. The woody notes create a sense of grounding, while the soft oriental spice adds an air of intrigue.

So, dear Scorpio, embrace the intensity and mystery that define you. Let the deep florals, spicy notes, and oriental blends of 19-69 Kasbah Eau De Parfum be your olfactory companion on your journey of allure and fascination. Remember, 19-69 fragrances are suitable for any gender, just like your magnetic and captivating essence. It's time to unleash your enigmatic charm and leave a trail of captivating fragrance in your wake!

The more you can see change as an opportunity for something new, the better for you.