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Six of Cups

The Cups suit guides us through our deepest heart felt journeys. Connected to emotion, intuition and creativity. Element: water Astrology: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio

The Six Of Cups represents childhood memories and the past. It is a card that signifies coming back home to ourselves or something we love, though it can also mean the past repeating itself or living in the past.

Think of this card as the opportunity to reunite with an old friend, a second chance or the return of a lost love. Reflect on happy memories from childhood and recall anything that feels unfinished. For example, is there a friendship or past romance that could be rekindled, that would bring joy to your life?

The Six Of Cups represents a willingness to give and receive unconditionally, so showing this card can mean you can shine this openness on past relationships, to enjoy them again with fresh insight and clear understanding.

The Six Of Cups is when we return home to ourselves. After sailing life's deep waters and feeling the distance of spirit we land back in our selves. We may have felt directionless before this moment, stuck in life's patterns, but our heart guides us home, through the reflection on memories and childlike happiness. It’s a freeing moment, feelings of nostalgia set in as the world around us begins to feel like a warm cup of tea at sunrise. Our breath becomes rhythmic and we notice the flowers blooming.

This card takes us back to childhood. The feelings of freedom and less structure. With a refreshed soul we are playful and innocent. Like a curious child follow the thoughts that linger in the breeze. The subtle guidance of a childlike mind brings us to a place of comfort and ease. After such a journey through life's turbulent waters it’s now we are being asked to embrace a time of clarity and celebrate our growth and experiences.

The medicine of this card is deep heart expansion and being the most authentic version of yourself. With a wide open heart, you can become more creative and manifest the things you deserve in life. This may be a return to something you used to love doing but no longer have in your life. Take time out to enjoy the things you once loved. Express and share the song of your heart through revisiting an old pastime or organise a reunion with someone you once loved - as long as they bring joy to your life. You'll see this card has six cups and they are filled with flowers which represent growth and the return of beauty.

If this card is in your field it is time to revisit the past with wonder and openness, let the sunshine soak into your skin and feel yourself wake up. Your soul is reconnecting to everything that nourishes you. Put nurture and love at the top of your to do list and ensure you partake in all the things that truly make you shine.

Fill a cup with fresh flowers, grab your journal and write your answers to the following prompts:

List 5 things that make your soul happy.

List 5 things that make your heart feel open and loving.

When was a comfortable and easy moment in your life? Get really specific with this memory. What does the space look like and how do you feel? What time of day is it and what colours can you clearly see? Write down what was happening for you.

If you could just wander in your perfect dreamland, describe the path and what your destination looks like? What aspects of this dreamland can you create in a special space all your own? For example, adding fairy lights or lanterns to a

The Six Of Cups represents childhood memories and the past