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Tarot Card: Ace of Swords

Element air - Mental clarity, thoughts and communication

Numeral meaning: One - holds the energy of a new beginning. This may relate to starting a new project, moving towns or changing career and/or taking a new approach to life.

Picture the Ace Of Swords card as being a freshly minted sword, sparkling, without even a finger print. The sword is held high and proud with no attachments and has the space to move without opposition, signifying freedom of movement.

When the mind is clear and our to-do list has lessened a clear space is left behind where we can make clear and direct decisions. The sparkling sword is often decorated with a wreath or a crown - which is associated with victory, success and achievement. Take the time to breathe slowly and relax the nervous system - allowing the mind space for freedom helps encourage new ideas and growth.

Being in this clear space our mind is open to new possibilities and we have the capacity to make strong decisions. The Ace Of Swords card supports us in this strength of mind and offers power with the addition of the crown in the image, signifying social status. This card can unlock the truth through logic and we learn that creating space through reflection and mindful breathing, we can allow an openness of mind that can lead to brilliant ideas for moving forward in life.

The Ace Of Swords card signifies a new beginning. It’s the first step of embarking on a new journey of expansion. Even though this card is all about mental clarity and working with the mind it’s still diving into soul work. Learning to harness the mind so the ego and soul can journey together, supporting one another. The sword shown in the imagery is held straight up in sky where anything is possible. This card is about action - rather than dreaming of the possibilities that could happen, we’re thinking about the action need to clear a direct path and attain the things we want.

This card indicates a breakthrough. The sharp blade represents the power of intellect, a sharpness of mind and this sword offers the ability to cut straight through to the truth. The card therefore offers the opportunity cut through any deception you may be facing and take a clear path towards justice and a clean conscience.

Straight to the point, the Ace Of Swords allows the reader to see the world from a new point of view, a world full of possibilities. This can be taken from either edge of the blade as the sword is a dichotomy of choices - choose the noble or destructive path. The choice is yours... as are the consequences.

Ace Of Swords Tasks:

With clarity in mind, write down 5 goals you would like to achieve in the next 12 months.

What is something you would like to participate in, if you were truly free of restrictions?

What is one new hobby you would like to start?

Our mind is open to possibilities and we have the capacity to make strong decisions.