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Page of Pentacles

Double element - Earth

This card is apart of the court suit. These cards are considered as advanced level energies. They invite us into aspects of our higher selves. Each card is a double element which gives them extra depth. They bring forth a multi layered view with the intention to take us beyond where we are. Each card can be viewed as a mirror to self during a reading.

Page Of Pentacles is a seeker that questions the meaning behind existence and why we are here in this lifetime. This card reads that life is a quest to continually learn and evolve towards a more purposeful existence. It also denotes a hard worker in the realms of self discovery who is in tune with the earthly messages that guide the us in our soul searching journey.

Seeing this card is like seeing a bridge covered in earth-matter and twisted vines. Envision beautiful wild flowers springing out of the cracks and sun beams light up the path - this relates to a bright and fortuitous future. Under the bridge (behind us) is a journey already lived through the Pentacles cards numbered ace to ten, a gathering of abundance, but also value and understanding of abundance. The Page of Pentacles shows that the seeker can climb higher towards a deeper understanding of self using wisdom gathered through past experiences. The future is bright, we can have it all - the Page Of Pentacles reminds us to collect our learned wisdom and knowledge and still strive forward for even deeper experiences and enlightenment.

In this moment the page is dressed in the most delicate, hand made and earthly pieces, made by 'self' who is a a student of everything. This 'self' is carefully moving through the vastness and taking note not to miss a single message from divine. Think about this card as the pot of gold under the rainbow. The physical pot of gold may be a myth but the striving towards truth (searching beyond the rainbow) is the real 'gold' - the true knowledge of self through constant learning and enquiry.

The message that follows this card is 'it’s time to go'. A journey is calling. Pack away your past experiences and move forward with the knowledge that has already been gained. Your future journey requires deep questions. The questions that have always lingered but never been answered. This card reveals a message that these questions have been pondered for too long and that everything needed to find the answer is already within. Don't wait any longer - move forward from feelings of loss or stagnation, they are in the past and the Page Of Pentacles is inviting you to move forward in your journey of self discovery.

Sometimes we can get to a stage in healing and feel so proud of the achievement, that we get stuck there. Don't linger here - always strive forward, successes or no. Even in ventures that may seem unsuccessful you will find learning. Take every moment and keep moving. Hike up the velvet green edges of this metaphorical bridge and walk beyond to find the answers to the deeper questions. The medicine this card brings is not the answer but the momentum and motivation to move onwards and upwards.

Staying focussed and grounded during this journey is much easier when connected to the earth. So, journaling outside in the sunshine or under the stars, taking a swim in the ocean or simply walking with bare feet on grass, can help make you feel alive and assist in posing the questions you need to ask to move onward in your spiritual journey. Stay in the body, don’t take this to the head. Soul work flows like the breath and when the head starts talking, bring it back to the third eye centre.

Journaling questions:

Write down your deepest and most frequently asked questions.

If you found your pot of gold.. what would ideally be in there?

When do you feel most on your path?

What does purpose mean to you?

Looking at life as a quest to continually learn and evolve towards more purpose. A hard worker in the realms of self discovery.