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Monthly horoscope

Astrology Report

Find out what's in store for your star sign including the effects of lunar and planetary transitions and how they affect your business and personal life. Written by resident astrologist Patsy Bennett.

This is a good month to plan ahead both financially and domestically. You may feel alternately restless and motivated as you embark on a fresh path in either of these areas so be prepared to think laterally about your options, but also to consolidate what is already working well. The full moon on the 12 th will highlight fresh ventures career-wise and the new moon on the 27 th will help you to be practical about your plans from a logistical point of view both work-wise and regarding health.
Mars in your sign for the majority of the month will feel energising. Allow your optimism to reign and pursue ambitious plans as this is a progressive month. The full moon on the 12 th will spotlight your long-term plans and general direction, especially career-wise. You’ll appreciate new opportunities and the chance to broaden your horizons. The new moon in fellow earth sign Virgo on the 27 th will kick-start a fresh chapter domestically, so plan ahead for progress at home.
This is a chatty month, and you’ll enjoy the chance to socialise and network. A choice concerning finances, a project or a close relationship will merit careful analysis, as you could make a key commitment mid-month. Ensure you consider a shared venture in detail, as important choices merit careful thought and an ambitious – but realistic – mindset. The Virgo new moon on the 27 th will kick-start a fresh chapter that will enable travel and could alter close relationships considerably.
You may be surprised by developments early in the month and you’ll appreciate planning travel, favourite activities and a boost in confidence. It’s a good month to focus on primary relationships, as you’ll appreciate rewarding outcomes by mid-August. The full moon on the 12 th will spotlight your shared duties and finances, encouraging you to make long-term arrangements that provide stability and security. The new moon on the 27 th is ideal for kick-starting a new financial plan.
You’ll enjoy increased energy levels and the upbeat atmosphere of August. Be resourceful and imaginative with your ventures and relationships. A change of pace or of place early in August will encourage you to be more adventurous. If you’re single, you may even meet someone unexpectedly, or meet someone who is a little quirky. However, someone may surprise you around the full moon on the 12 th and, if you’d like to make serious commitments, you must think laterally.
In August, you’ll enjoy investing in yourself and someone special. You could make surprising progress at work so be practical and take the initiative. Mid-month will be a good time to instigate change, so if you feel you’re in a rut, or that some circumstances are restrictive, take action, or seek advice. The Virgo new moon on the 27 th is ideal for revitalising your personal life and work. And, if your health needs attention, this new moon will help you begin a healthy routine.
Be prepared to think outside the square, as you’ll experience a sense of unexpected luck and abundance if you do. Be prepared to negotiate clever arrangements, both at work and logistically in your personal life so that your schedule suits you better. You’ll appreciate the chance early August to reconnect with someone special. Mid-month, you’ll overcome any relationship differences by thinking laterally. Consider a fresh financial plan towards the 27 th for best results.
A surprise early August will provide you with the insight you need into the best way forward, both at home and at work. A busy start to the month will place your focus on work and you could gain ground career-wise. However, relationships and your home life will also merit attention and you’ll embrace the opportunity to reboot relationships. Mid-August will provide the chance to do so as you’ll deepen your understanding of someone close and could make a valid new commitment.
August is a good month to consider how you’d like to see your personal life take shape. A change of pace or a surprise at work will kick-start the month, enabling you to spend more time with someone special or bringing the opportunity to travel and indulge in your favourite past- times. A breakthrough with a project, venture or interest is likely mid-month. The new moon on the 27 th points to a fresh opportunity at work and the chance to re-think your long-term plans.
Retrograde Pluto in your sign for the coming months provides the chance to reconfigure your personal life. Consider how you’d feel more creative and vibrant. You may already experience a surprise early in August in your personal life and mid-month will be an ideal time to enjoy favourite company and to develop your projects and interests. The new moon on the 27 th signals it’s time to reconsider how you’d like to spend your quality time; and to make tracks to do so.
August is an ideal month to think laterally and to take action to create the life you want. News and developments early August will spotlight how you’d like your domestic life to unfold, and you may be surprised by developments. The full moon on the 12 th will highlight how you feel about your personal life, especially if it’s your birthday early February. Be prepared to turn a corner in practical terms. By the month’s end, you’re likely to be sharing key duties or space in new ways.
You’re ready to break out of some agreements, and to make new arrangements. You may already experience a change in a key commitment early August. You’re set to embrace a positive turn in your finances or usual routine and by mid-month, you’ll see more stability in your relationships. The new moon on the 27 th once again points to a new arrangement in a key relationship or in your daily routine. For some, this will be due to work commitments; for others due to health schedules.